Great page to hand out re: ME

Good tweets coming in today from the ME community!

Here's a wonderful suggestion, from someone who says the next time you have an encounter with someone who tells you that ME is not real, you should hand them this one page on the Biology of ME. It's quick and easy to read, in short statements. YAY!

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  • Have book marked it an an insurance against it becoming lost in the fog.


  • An idiots guide version would improve usefulness for obvious reasons.

  • Agreed, but if you are going to give it to doctors, I think it's probably best not to make yourself appear an idiot, or that you think they are, even if it's true. ;)

  • When you play cards showing your hand is never wise ;-)

  • Saved for fightback sharing

    Many thanks

  • Anthony Komaroff fighting back for us

  • Be our own medics

  • In a nutshell, invaluable ! Thanks so much BudgieFriend.

    Hugs RR


  • Empowering budgiefriend truly invaluable.

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