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CMRC Strengthened

CMRC Strengthened

Launched in 2013 the aim of the UK Research Collaborative (CMRC) is to promote the highest quality of basic and applied evidenced-based and peer reviewed research into ME/CFS by bringing together national agencies, ME/CFS charities, and working researchers from across the UK who wish to work towards that common goal.

Progress in understanding and ultimately treating ME/CFS will only be achieved through increasing the quality of research; by coordinating a stronger collaborative approach to stimulate more research through bringing in expertise from outside the field and supporting early stage career researchers; and by working strategically to increase funding for research.

The CMRC Executive Board is delighted to announce that the Wellcome Trust and Arthritis Research UK have each made a £10,000 contribution to fund the CMRC’s second annual conference and support the ongoing work of the Collaborative. This commitment builds on the support from the Medical Research Council (MRC) which has, over the past two years, provided critical funding to support two conferences and the future work of the CMRC.

The conference takes place Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 October 2015 in Newcastle. Arthritis Research UK will be co-facilitating a workshop for researchers and Associate Members on fatigue, exploring what we can learn from research in the two illness fields and what further potential there is for collaboration in the future. Places are limited so do book now if you wish to attend.

Alongside this, the Wellcome Trust and National Institute of Health Research will be joining the MRC on the Executive Board as observers. This provides the impetus to commence work on the Grand Challenge programme announced by the CMRC. This will seek to achieve a more co-ordinated and joined up approach working strategically with mainstream funders, charities, researchers and people with CFS/ME to progress the research field.

Prof Stephen Holgate, Chair, CMRC, says “This is an incredibly exciting development for the research field in the UK but also more widely. For too long, we have seen considerable gaps in CFS/ME research and there is no question that this ultimately impacts on the quality of care, treatment and support that people with the illness receive. We need to see more researchers coming into the field but we also need to see the quality of research improve and a more proactive collaborative approach to tackling these issues.”


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Stronger research has been a call often heard in my limited experience.

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Biomedical research funding.

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Inaugural conference 2014 actionforme.org.uk/Resource...

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Thanks Babylon5


Always believed more researchers in different fields joining was a funding issue and sharing areas of interest with other charities in a co operative changes the landscape.

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Quality bio medical research a future hope identifying care provided now as no one can survive on promises without some support now. A wonderful tomorrow needs a today and looking out for each other as a society united not trampling on the weakest in self interest dog eat dog welfare reforms.


I do understand the frustration Seascape however without research psychiatrists own the disease and that has not helped today or our past.


A broad church covers many views including psychologists and that worried me when they started out in 2013. Not much happened for years changing this one way the CMRC shows how strong / useful they are in an area desperate for science.

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I hold my hand up. I am a complete dim wit. But in the spirit of no knowledge at all about research. And official sounding conferences on things medical. I come from the skeptical position of throwing money at education. And official sounding conferences that fund early years teams.

A are researchers handed out money willy nilly. Or do they bid for a particular path to be persued. (My team has wasted spectacular amounts by being chucked money within a time scale and told to spend it).

B are the conferences rigously evaluated at the end. For more than buzz words and substantial content. (I have been in some marvellous freebies in marvellous venues where the expense would have been better spent as grass roots).

I totally agree research is needed. But sometimes I wonder if there isn't an element of the chase rather than a pause to consolidate and reflect. Before moving on. just asking. Perhaps this will be to consolidate and reflect.

Now I have ducked incoming missiles. That doubtless are coming my way.

But you can only go from wot you know.

Which isn't a lot.

As you can see. Please feel free to put me right in no uncertain terms.

In fact I would welcome my take being flattened. It would give me a bit of hope.

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I am lost and hoping

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Hoping for the best use of limited research funding because the amount of money thrown at projects is so small vanity projects of academia are avoidable.


I always have hope pinned to my chest. And my tshirt says something is better than nothing.

Willing to re evaluate and ask ? When i lack knowledge.

"small vanity projects of academia are avoidable".

By and large are they avoided do you think?

Unlike hope I am asking for a crumb of reassurance.

Hope” is the thing with feathers -

That perches in the soul -

And sings the tune without the words -

And never stops - at all -

And sweetest - in the Gale - is heard -

And sore must be the storm -

That could abash the little Bird

That kept so many warm -

I’ve heard it in the chillest land -

And on the strangest Sea -

Yet - never - in Extremity,

It asked a crumb - of me.

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Actually I have just answered my own question,

Mostly they must be avoided because so much has been achieved.

Thanks for. Prompting me to question.

that was a light bulb moment.