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So, what does our overview ‘£1 million of biomedical research’ reveal? Well, the most important lesson is that physiological abnormalities and biological anomalies can be found in ME/CFS patients if scientists have the funding – and the drive – to uncover them. For too long, the prevailing wisdom among some policy makers and healthcare professionals was that scientific investigation was largely unnecessary, since the primary disturbance in people with ME/CFS was psychological. We now know this to be false: scientists can certainly find physical abnormalities – e.g. autonomic nervous system dysfunction, neutrophil apoptosis, arterial stiffness, impaired recovery from exercise, increased oxidative stress – and nonspecific psychological therapies are not cures.

Charities fund biological research pressure on government matching such funding for treatment or cure long overdue.

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  • How seriously the chequebooks flourished by USA in comparison with other causes speaks loudly.

  • P2P report was a long time in the making next year numbers say if waiting was time well spent.

  • Agreed...and eagerly watching this space...

  • Thanks encouraging direction (spurred-on by a patient group).

    I'm interested to explore / read further by and by - noting the link to a research summary:

    Sincerely trusting momentum and funding continues - a beginning of a welcome catch-up after earlier meagre research years...

    Thanks again...:)

  • Mapping the research centres shows a widespread involvement from diverse fields of research a medical case has been established, the politics at the MRC are the log jam of increased research funding.

  • Thaks RockRose

  • Not until 2011 was MRC ( medical research council ) funding of biological research given anything whatsoever.

    All the more annoying when £5 million had been found for the PACE trial justifying the psychiatric lobby.

  • Thanks, so true. Ian.and agreed. I notice the NIH has provided finding for some of the UK research...

    Oh may this keep going now and begin making more significant headway...

  • Agree with a positive keep going outlook that the tide is turning and significant headway will come from funding bio medical research.

    I believe more has been achieved in the last five years than the previous thirty which has largely been spent on the defensive against neglect and abuse from the medical profession.

  • Importance of education using research findings as they serve no useful purpose gathering dust on university bookshelves.

    Outdated opinions and theories replaced with information new medical scanners show.

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