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Hi all I am awaiting diagnosis for this my dr has referred me to someone but i was having a brain fog day who diganosed you she also says i have fibro along with pbc i have been off work since June and still do not feel refreshed i also can sleep all day and feel that i havent slept anyone have any advice. I am 55 yrs old and married thanks in advance x

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  • My own doctor diagnosed me a specialist not always needed. On the advice well listen to your own body and stop doing things when warning signals are heard.

  • Thank you Thersa xx

  • Hi, welcome this has been a friendly site sharing advice for me.

    Had a search for pbc because no idea what that is and can only speak from experience that stressing over getting fit again was not the choice been more patient instead of thinking I can't afford time off.

  • I am not sure this will be of any comfort but sleeping and not refreshed is one thing that doctors look for making a diagnosis. Stay with us cowre a problem shared is a problem halved as granny always said.

  • Regardless of diagnosis treating the symptoms must be a priority so making a list prepares an effective relationship with the doctors.

  • Thank you evreyone i will keep you updated xx

  • Listening out cowre

  • I am still new and frightened of what is going to happen next.

  • Safety in numbers standing in the dark together Emmaril holding hands cannot change what happens next it can change how we cope though.

  • I have a small light and will stand with you.

  • A double edge sword taking away a life I cherished on the other side I am mentally stronger and my friends are true friends through adversity.

  • Effects seem individual within a wide group of symptoms under the same umbrella disease name. How drugs work on some and not others shows a difficulty in knowing with any certainty just what is next for each individual person a fear and doubt that does not leave although in time coping becomes easier.

  • Form a sentence words fail I must trust thank you all

  • Has anyone looked into ME/CFD.? Waking up feeling worse than you went to bed is one of the main symptoms, as is brain fog. When I go to the doctor, I always write down what I need to say. I depend upon my diary to write down everything that happens or is going to happen.

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