Mickle Therapy

I posted here about 10 days ago regarding my daughter and this therapy for her M.E.

She continues to feel good . Its school holidays so she away caravanning with her boys. Last year she spent the week sitting outside the caravan having 2 lie down rests a day and by day 3 she feel exhausted and miserable

This year, despite the rain everyday, she has only had a few times when she thought she would ' crash' but its passed.

Her aching joints have also improved . I'm only talking to her on the phone but my dear daughter seems to have returned to me. Positive and so much more full of life.

She has been warned that progress might not be even and she may have a relapse when she goes back to work. She works part time as a teacher, having had to drop her hours to half time. Without me and her husband she would not have been able to do even that amount.

I'll post again once she goes back to work or if there is some change.

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  • Thanks for sharing the good news deejames.

  • .good news dee keep it coming

  • Avoiding crashes when green shoots of recovery are feeling well established.

  • Thanks for sharing Dee, feels such tremendous, heartening news of your dear daughter...

    May she go steadily from strength to strength...and honouring the relief you feel at her being 'back' to herself...and also the continuing care of you and your husband...which I'm sure makes the world of difference.

    Holding-out for her sustaining gently and steadily...Encore and will look forward to keeping posted :-)

  • Great news for you must make you happy to see her back to her usual self :)

    What helped her improve? if you don't mind me asking x

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