Anyone else taking Sulfasalazine??

Anyone else taking Sulfasalazine??

Hi all,

Had my Rheumy appt today. No plaquenil for me after all. He doesn't think it will be strong enough. So, sulfasalazine is being discussed with my hepatologist as I have PBC too. My hep emailed me that the sulfa RA drug would be OK to take. Probably start next week. Anyone else out there on this drug that can share anything (good or bad) about it??

Thanks Stella (That's my Beagle Mr. Brodie)

Dx PBC 10/16

Dx seronegative RA 4/17

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  • I just started it myself last week. I'm taking a wait & see attitude on it. Hopefully it will help my orencia work better.

  • I hope it works for you. I haven't started it yet. My first flare is over... Doc gave me prednisone. This is all new to me.... But he recommended sulfasalazine. We will see...

  • After 3 years of minimal response from previous prescriptions, including humira, embrel, xeljanz, methotrexate injections, and more. THIS medication has helped! A LOT!! I take methotrexate with it, and am finally regaining some hope. Good luck to you! Praying :)

  • Terrac,

    Thank you. I'm scared of the side effects cause I'm on other meds too but.... Gotta take it.


  • I just started on it last month. Prior to that for several years (around 3) I took methotrexate maxed out at (10) 2.5 mg. Tablets each week. In addition to that I was on Folic Acid 1 mg. Every day to fight methotrexate side effects. Also plaquenil. I was ill for quite a while, nauseous, no appetitie or energy. I quit taking and the rheumatologist started me on Sulfasalazine. So far so good, appetite increased, more energy. Trying to go all natural as much, lowering pain meds and doing physical therapy that is good for the conditions I have. Feel so much better. Unless you are allergic to sulfa drugs, it should be okay as far as side effects but everyone's body is different so proceed with caution with your doctor. If you are able to, depending on your condition, strengthens the muscles holds your skeleton together better and you will feel less pain. Good luck to you. Hope it helps.

  • Thank you uneekcheryl,

    I'm glad to hear you're doing better. I'm on day 3 of one 500mg pill of sulfasalazine. Next week I'll he taking 1000mg, and the week after that 2000mg a day. It seems like a lot.

    I've heard this drug depletes folate?

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