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GP just stated I have rheumatoid arthritis


Hi. So today my doctor just said my blood tests have come back showing positive for RA.

I am 33 but these past few weeks I've been feeling like I'm a lot older. I started getting pain in my wrist and thumb about 6 weeks ago which was not getting any better. I went to my doctors who ordered an X-ray. X-ray came back clear so went back to the doctors when I informed him that my ankle had started to hurt and that it keeps giving way. He ordered a blood test. My results came in the next day because the receptionist called to say I had very low vitiam d and I also needed to make a new appointment with the doctor.

When I got to the doctors today I kind of broke down. I told him I'm so so tired all the time and my body feels like a led weight. I'm getting lots of different pains all over my body. In my wrists then moving into my legs, my pelvis, back then to the ankles. But the painful points keep changing and so can the pain level. I also keep getting very hot flushes and feel like I'm burning up.

That's when he turned round and said well you've tested positive for RA. He then said he would refer me but I could be waiting weeks.

I've jumped the gun and luckily with work I have private medical care so I've made an appointment with a rheumatoid specialist next week.

Sorry for the long post. I'm very unsure what's going to happen next. The doctor saying I have RA has really put the frighteners in me but at least I know I'm not going crazy with my symptoms. Do my symptoms sound typical, could my blood test be wrong, will the pain and tiredness ease?

Sorry for all the questions.

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Hi thank you for being so honest on this terrible Ra, but you are not crazy you have all the signs and symptom I had all what you have first thing stay away from sugar bread cookies ice cream things that can make your joints hurt the Dr is going to tell you that it had nothing . but due to stress and other thing your ammuine system is compromises. There is hope do researchers on your on am on medication that my Ra Dr said the pain would go away piers she want me to take methotrexate which is a medication for people with cancer. Maybe your Dr will do All test find out how this happend I will pray for this journey

Thank you.

Hi; I'm 33. I was diagnosed at 28. I too started the same. After my second child was born. I thought I had lyme's disease. Which I now do too. Lol. Life's a bitch, but your symptoms sound totally normal to me. Im not a doc. But that's how mine started. I was convinced it was something else and didn't wasn't to accept it. But I have and it sucks. Find a rheumatologist that you feel safe with and if not fire them and move on. I'm so sorry. Just a heads up from another young person. People don't talk about the mental repercussions of illness in relationships. His has been the hardest years of my marriage. I'm not sure how your personal life is; but rip one: never get divorced on prednisone. Lol. But seriously. And try to understand that your partner is now being diagnosed too. But they won't understand how you feel and it will make you crazy. Even if they're supportive. It makes you mad. At least for me. I get jelouse when I have to stay and rest and he gets to relieve me from the three kids to rest....because I want to go too, I don't want to rest.

Best of luck and if you ever want to chat feel free to contact me.

Zoë Bratianu

Hello Zoe,

I feel like to speak out of my life and daily struggles.

I was diagnosed with Lupus originally (mild kind) and then diagnosis turned into Fibro. I had been in pain since I was 25 years 25 years ago and since going back to treat my ongoing pain and severe depression which is related to always feeling sick I was referred back to rheumatologist and now have a seronegative diagnosis RA. I am mad since, if true, I could have been better treated with the correct meds and would have had a better standard of life.

I am a mother of 3 as well and I also feel that my family doesn't understand my situation. I am crying for help....Prednisone didn't work, now I am on Humira 6 weeks in with no benefit. I keep on crying for a pain killer and finally the doctor prescribed tramadol which took the edge of it....but nothing seems to work for a long lasting time. I am wondering how much longer I would need to be a guinea pig of trial and error meds. I just want my life back and refuse to life like this.

I don't really know if the doctors have an idea what exactly I have as I had been knocking at doctors doors for so long now. I am blown away how little they know and won't even tell me that they are incapable to make me better.

If I have RA, in Germany they have rheumatoid clinics where they can test you on 350 known rheumatoid diseases which are matched with the correct meds. But is this the correct path, years go by trying everything and nothing has shown improvement, from diets to herbs....? I can only get a small relief from exercise.

All I want is to feel better and go back to is so much work running 3 kids feeling sick and organizing all these appointments. What I need is to get admitted into a specialized clinic and checked out.

Everything gets affected, family relationships, work, financial, sex, mental health....a vicious cycle....if there is more stress on me I wouldn't know a way out.

If I could heart you twice I would. I'm at the Fibro diagnosis with a positive ANA. What is that!?! Lol

And yes, EVERYTHING is affected.

Little ducks 🦆, sorry to hear this. I was diagnosed in May 2017. Had pretty identical symptoms to yours. I started methotrexate and I'm handling things okay. Yes, it was devastating news to me. AND yet, I have seen even a few hopeful things come from this, such as learning how to accept support from others, and seeing my teens grow up a bit and think about someone other than themselves. They are showing empathy and caring I didn't know they had. Hang in there and try to just take it one day at a time; stay away from imagining catastrophic things that haven't happened and may never happen.

Hey there! Your symptoms sound pretty accurate for RA unfortunately. It is very frustrating because the disease will move from joint to joint, it can leave you just feeling wrecked. I was diagnosed at age 25 when both of my feet and ankles were so swollen and red I couldn't walk shortly after my 2nd child was born. I've been dealing for 23 years now. Make sure you have a compassionate Rheumatologist who will listen to you. I had one who told me after months of complaining something was seriously wrong with my ankle that I needed to understand that I have a "debilitating disease and will have to learn to live with pain." I saw someone else and I had a ruptured tendon in my foot that if I hadn't gotten fixed when I did could have led to a total fusion of my ankle. You listen to your body, rest when you need to, exercise when you can, and be your own advocate! Find a support group and have your spouse go with you! It wasn't until my hubby heard and saw other people's struggles identical to mine that he became more understanding than ever! Best of luck to you!

Thank you. I don't have any swelling so I suppose that's a good thing. My feet do keep going purple but goes away if I elevate them. I don't have one specific joint is which is more painful than another. I'll have pain in my wrist and hand but then is disappears but my ankle and feet will. The that will go and I'll get pain in my thigh and pelvis. This can change in a space of minutes.

I also don't have more stiffness in the morning but become more sore through out the day so come evening I'm goosed.

These pain can feel anything from a full ache to like someone has just stabbed me. Hence me popping ibuprofen like sweets.

Yesterday I had a good day not to much pain until the night but I was rushing around all day and had people over as it was my youngest second birthday.

My husband has been ok mainly making a joke about it. He has problems with his kidneys himself and not long had major surgery.

I have also noticed the clicking in my ankles have gotten very loud is this part and parcel of RA.

I have clicking in my joints. I've had a lot of issues with my hands and wrists primarily. The clicking for me is usually tendons and ligaments that move over bones from inflammation, and that in itself is very painful. I was a paralegal until I stopped working last year so constantly typing and lifting files, etc. just did me in over the years. I am so sorry you're going through this! I know from experience how it feels to be so young and feel "old." Hopefully you'll get into a great rheumatologist and get started on a good treatment that will lessen your symptoms. Did your GP give you anything at all? The wait to see a specialist is ridiculous. And people don't think we need on overhaul of healthcare?! I hope you get some relief soon!

I basically started the same way. It is a constant battle for me to trying to stay as normal as possible. I was diagnosed in 2012. To look at me you can't tell anything is wrong but I feel like crap most of the time. It is the new normal for me. But I don't give up and continue to do my best to make it feel better. Start working with your new Rhuemmy and the best of luck to you.

I am 45, diagnosed ~1year ago. Thankfully I'm doing much better. I'm only on Plaquenil twice daily, which for me has no real side effects. I will tell you the months leading up to my diagnosis were the most fearful of my life., and were a lot like yours. You can read a lot about disease in the world, which is both good and bad. It's normal to be scared. Every new discomfort will leave you wondering if it's disease progression. Also normal. Be sure to share on this forum and any others because these people have helped me recognize what's normal, what to expect and given support when I needed it most. Good luck to you

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