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Drug free management of arthritis



Is anyone managing arthritis without drugs? Using food and herbs? I want to know how often I should be seeing my rheumatologist as it seems they only keep an eye on you if they're prescribing. Should I go even if I feel well?

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Yes, (merely my opinion), Patient0, kindly 🙏 😌 consider continue monitoring via Rheumatologist 👩‍⚕️. (No harm, no foul.)

If not your rheum., then your family physician 👨‍⚕️ , provided they’re Autoimmune savvy & know what tests (bloods 💉 , x-rays 💀 , feeling of joints 🖐 🦶, etc.) to use to ensure you’re safely being monitored 📊 📈 📋 .

HealingJosefine ( m.youtube.com/channel/UCEYu... ) is a young lady 👩 who’s actively remitted her disease via intensive Lifestyle & Dietary (L/D) means ( healthunlocked.com/nras/pos... ) — without medications.

Very best wishes to you, Patient0. ☺️ 🙏 🍀 🌺 🌞


Oh, merely few considerations 🤔 to keep in back of mind 🧠 if you’d like:

. . . • Just because we feel well 😊 , doesn’t mean we should relax (or cease) our vigilance 🧐 — to include physician monitoring.

. . . • Merely a few dietary tweaks 🥗 & herbs 🌿 won’t necessarily put disease into "remission". Serious, long-term, comprehensive, committed L/D practice can nudge disease to subside for some (many?) of us. It’s a long-term 📆 🗓 , life-long 👶 🧒 🧑 🧓 experiential learning process 😣🔨 to successfully manage disease — to substantially improve our QoL (Quality of Life) 🤗 .

. . . • Medications 💊 💉 may be used judiciously as needed & weaned off of when no longer needed. 👍👍


Patient0 in reply to Kai--

Thank you Kai! Good advice.


My arthritis started a few months back with inflammation in few fingers . I had RA factor 33 with ESR 25 .All other tests were negative. Since this is the beginning stage I didn’t go for Normal treatment.Instead I have done naturopathy and nutrition medicine treatment (supplements like curcumin ) The arthritis is 95 percent under control but still on nutrition supplements.

I’ve completely stopped all of my meds using the Paddison programme. I’m so much better now. Only stopped the last of meds 4 weeks ago, so still seeing rheumatology. Don’t know how long I’ll be followed up for.

Paddison Program? Where can I get more info? thanks

Kai-- in reply to Hiflyer


Have found the Paddison podcast/ videos extremely helpful, Hiflyer:

. . . • paddisonprogram.com/blog/

. . . • m.youtube.com/channel/UC54r...

Very best wishes to you, Hiflyer. ☺️ 🙏 🍀 🌺 🌞


Are you talking about rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis?

Patient0 in reply to tselph

Rheumatoid or psoriatic

My rheumatologist basically said ‘nothing to be done’ and while she was very nice and direct, did not suggest I come back unless something changed. I don’t understand why more research is not done on osteoarthritis as so many people suffer with it.

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What do you do for your OA?

Hi All! Just checking in on you all. I'm still doing well without medicine. The rheumatologist is happy with how I am doing and doesn't suggest that I need medicine right now. I'm introducing foods back into my diet now. I have small flares when I have too much carb or sugar and with soy. I'm planning to remain gluten free and dairy free for now. Considering whether I can go vegan but for the moment, I am eating grass fed organic meat and wild caught fish. I can't tolerate legumes and lentils well at the moment. I don't know if I am actually intolerant to gluten because most gluten containing foods seem to have some other stuff in which could be inflammatory. I'm just feeling so much more energy and my brain fog is gone. It's a tough diet though for when you're socialising.

I'm thinking of training as a health coach so that I can help others on their journey whilst also working on my own. I'm in a good place but I would like to try some functional medicine tests to see if I can dig deeper.

I'm a paddison success story. Last methotrexate tablet was 1st July 2017. Life has only got better and better.


I no longer take any drugs for psoriatic arthtitis. I did have an intramuscular steroid shot beginning of November, but unless donething awful happens this is my last. I take no other drugs.

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