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It is one whole year tomorrow that I quit smoking, I get the occasional urge to have one, but can dismiss it easily. I hope it will eventually leave me forever.

My problem is I have put on weight, I have been able to manage it, but it's a daily struggle. I feel as though I have replaced one addition with another. It might even have helped in my early quitting days, as it gave me something else to focus on, but enough ! Any ideas would be welcome

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Why not try leaving small snacks around the house. ie: Cut up fruit, nuts, etc. then instead of reaching for all the unhealthy snacks it will take your mind off it. Try more walking doesnt have to be a long way , just getting fresh air. If its too cold try running up and downstairs a couple of times. Keep yourself busy. try keeping your hands busy, Come on line and chat to all of us just to take your mind off food etc.


Thanks jillygirl I will try the running up & down stairs, can't wait for the lighter warmer nights, Ii'll be quite happy to go power walking then, or cycling


Hi Shazzie, one year tomorrow is just fantastic, let's hope it's for good this time. Jilly's not far off and I'm nearly 10 months now. For me, the key to losing the excess weight is exercise and reduce my intake. I've been working hard for a few weeks now and am just starting to see a few changes. I've started keeping a food diary and virtually cut all the crap. I never drink fizzy drinks and I'm drinking 2 to 3 litres of tap water on top of my normal drinks.

I've never really dieted in my life and have always had a pretty healthy 'everything in moderation' kind of diet anyway. Some people are following the 5:2 diet as in the Horizon programme last year and are having great success with that.

Like Jilly says, come on the daily chat and maybe get some more inspiration there.

Andi :)


Hi Shazzie, one year tomorrow how fantastic is that! I'm definitely no expert, but the first time I gave up smoking (lasted 9 months) I focused heavily on sensible eating and a daily power walk. 20 mins or more is good. Did loose any weight but didn't gain any pound either!!

Like Andi says. Lots of water is good, zero calories but fills you up too. Doctor advised me this was a good, as you feel less inclined to much after.

Best of luck, stayed focused and those pounds will disappear...

:-) :-)


Aup Shazzie, a massive well done to you for quitting for a whole year :) :) thats just ace !!

Erm I think we've all put a bit of weight on during our quit :o and I agree with the gals, try doing some exercise, just a little to start with :) then just build it up slowly :) :)

Good luck, Pete :)


Shazzie, A very big well done to you on being stopped smoking for a year! That is awesome, you must feel really proud of yourself!

The way I control my food intake is when I go shopping, I menu plan for the week and I don't buy 'goodies'. I know that if I bought a packet of biscuits I would sit and demolish the lot, so I don't buy them.

Since I stopped smoking I don't have any cash on me (unless I go to the cash bank), I take a healthy lunch to work, so I'm not tempted to buy crisps etc I love cheese and savoury things, so have them very occasionally. The pounds in the bank go up, and the pounds fall off me lol

I am not on a diet, I eat healthily and get plenty of exercise. My latest thing is not eating tea after 6.30pm, unless I'm going out for a meal.

Jilly's advice re walking and running up the stairs is a great start!

Good luck! You have done the hardest thing ever, by stopping smoking and as Bella says stay focused and you will lose weight!



Thank you everyone for your suggestions, I have tried to quit many times in the past but this is the first time I joined any kind of support helpline/group and I believe it is what has made the difference. Thank you all again it's totally changed my life.


Shazzie, Eat in moderation only eat REAL foods no prossesed or the like try not to eat anything for 2 hours before going to bed and keep up your fluid intake and gentle exercise.

I have put on half a stone since quitting, but my skin tone is much improved and my colour is more healthy so, the way I am viewing a few extra pounds, I can work on loosing them once I have a better healthy life.

Being healthy and smoke free for me is far more important than worrying about my weight.


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