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Are you paying too much for your NRT ??

I joined Freshstart at my local Chemist and have been getting my NRT for the cost of a prescription, which was at least half price :)

I went yesterday, and they asked me if i would like a 3 month prescription £29.10 !!

I'm using 25mg 16 hour patches at the cost of -- £16.35

I'm also using the quickmist mouth spray, theres 2 in the pack -- £28.99

Which adds up to -- £45.34

So you see the £29.10 I paid yesterday for 3 months of free prescriptions and that includes any other prescriptions from your doctors, is a massive saving, and as i say best in my pocket than theres :D :)

Any questions about it, just give me a nudge :o

Pete :)

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Hi pete,

If you sign up to the NHS Smoking cessation service you get 3 months supply for one prescription charge. I chose patches and inhalator, had to pay the prescription charge twice (15.30) in week one as you pay for each item and now get the patches and inhalator every week free for 12 weeks. Plus they said if I needed another couple of weeks it could be flexible.

The GP's definitely do this and a lot of pharmacies like boots, asda, morrisons.


This is really good advice, thanks. I was lucky because my niQuitin minis were on sale at Morrisons for half price of £6.97 for 60 so I bought a job lot but when they run out I really don't want to have to pay £14 for them. I will check this out.


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