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Requesting more advice, Any Raynaud's suffers?

I have a naturally low blood pressure, even while smoking for two years and not exercising and eating whatever (thanks good metabolism!), at 90/60, however I also suffer from Raynauds.

It's the end of Day 2, and Quitting smoking seems to be affecting my feet, which are constantly hurting and red now, whereas before it was only when it was cold or my feet were in a bad position.

Does anyone else have this problem when quitting, and know when it goes away?

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Hiya jejj, I don't suffer from this condition but I can say that when you stop smoking, it takes a while for your blood to flow better to your extremities. So it may be that you are experiencing this. Nicotine restricts blood flow and now your blood vessels are starting to relax, which is all good and the blood flow increases. I suspect it will pass but if you're concerned, it might be best to vist your G.P. Just to put your mind at rest. You're doing a great job, well doneπŸ˜€x

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Hi jejj, I haven't heard of this before but we are all different... hopefully as Briar says, this will pass as you continue to fight the good fight πŸ˜€πŸ˜€


Hi jejj, I've always had low BP (lowest recorded 90/54) and I've suffered from Raynauds since my early 20s and am now almost 48. I quit smoking in January 2013 right in the middle of the coldest winter in 100 years so I can't say if my Raynauds was worse for the adjustment to quitting or the extreme cold, but it suddenly increased from just a couple of fingers on my right hand to most of both hands and the toes on both feet. BUT..... I can also say that more than 2 years on, my sensitivity to cold is better and circulation is better than it was before. My toes are no longer always blue from poor circulation. Stick with it, the benefits are worth it and you will notice it over time.

Good luck! :-)


hi jeji,

just a thought, could a little anxiety from quitting be this, I have heard that stress and anaxiety can have impact on Raynauds as well as the cold. However, Like Briar said, maybe a trip to your GP for your own peace of mind :) :)

You are doing ever so well with your quit, - hang it there as everything does get better :) :)

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