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It doesn't have to be difficult!

Today I am 30 days smoke free! No sneaking a puff here or there... nothing. Not one puff! I have tried to quit several times and this time something feels very different! I feel much more calm and excited rather than fearful and anxious! I think a big part of that is because of the book "Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking: The Easyway To Stop Smoking."

If any of you are still struggling with how you think about smoking and are afraid that you will always will struggle with wanting one, I encourage you to read this! It has honestly helped me tremendously!

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That is bloomin' marvellous Griffy :D :D In fact, you are bloom' marvellous, a true winner :-)

Please, please, please do your best to remember how that calm and excited feeling feels as their may / probably will be times when you really think differently and this is when you will need to recall this feeling ;-)

You are doing fantastic and all the other past times have been s=the times that you have learnt from and are now able to use the experience for the main event :-)

Whoop - whoop to you! :D :D :D :D


Thank you!!


Griffy Your doing great, I know other members have found Allen Carrs book invaluable. No matter how people decide to stop it doesnt matter as long as it works. Keep on being strong and positive. Well done. xx


Congratulations Griffy on 30 days smoke free :)

There is a free download of this book and a lot of people have found it helpful :)

Glad it's helping you too, well done :) x


Well done Griffy on 30 days smoke free. You are doing great. Keep it up :D x


30 days is an awesome achievement you should be VERY proud of yourself.There seems to be a lot of people on here who have read Allen Carr's book & quit without too much stress.I just think ANYTHING that makes the journey easier is great because it's hard enough in the first place.Keep going,I promise you've done the really hard bit (the first month is a killer I think!) It gets easier from.here on in.




Aup Griffy, thats fantastic news gal :) :) A great BIG MASSIVE WELL done to you :) :) See, you can do it if you put your mind to it :)

Oy, I hope you know that I had to go out a jomping around in them there fields in the flippin poring rain to catch you that badge :o just lucky I took a bar of soap with me eh, so I didnt need a shower when I got home seeee :D :D

That new Winners badge really suits you Griffy, but I am really looking forwards to catching your 2 months Winners badge for you, whether its raining, snowing, hurricaning, Isa gona catch it for ya :) :)

Now you go and treat yourself to something really mmmmmm :) :)


Thank you all! I am incredibly thankful I got this far and look forward to the rest of my journey!

You are all a huge source of support!


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