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big thank you to you all for your lovely responses to my 4 month quit post. felt like my birthday! in a way it was, birth of


a new life ! one without cigs ! yes i feel great. so thanks to all on here, your all such great support. :-)

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Jules 4 months or not your a winner anyway. Thanks for supporting us too. :) :)

Pinkiezoom26 Months Winner

Hi Jules

when i see folk with a 4 month banner i always think.....come on Al you can do it :) so its good inspiration to us newbies :) x

jules56 in reply to Pinkiezoom

thanks al i think we all push each other on here. its brill and keeps us all going. x

You are so right, my four months badge next week, still can't believe I am nearly there and it's all done to people on this site it really is so supportive thanks everyone too x

jules56 in reply to Kaprin

thanks so much. and roll on your 4 month bday its brill isnt it? x

Kaprin in reply to jules56

It certainly is and look the sun is out today too, that makes you feel great as well, looking forward to a smoke free summer

jules56 in reply to Kaprin

yes roll on the sun. happy days


Happy 4 month birthday. What you have to remember tho is despite all the support it is actually YOU that's done this, no one has done it for you, we only try and offer words of encouragement but the rest is up to you and you've absolutely KILLED this. Doin' my Happy Dance again. Hugs Helen x

tks helen what a boost u are x

NO problemo !! You are the star in all of this, remember that. H

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