Are you snacking and putting the lbs on ??

It sounds like a lot of us now we have quit the ciggies are erm, snacking on choc & cake & all goooood things like that !! Well, why not try some good for your body snacks eh :)

You can prepare your own snack box and keep it in the fridge, so that its ready for when you get the urge to snack, you could put whatever you might fancy into it, as long as it is healthy and tasty :)

What could you put in it ??

Carrots – raw and chopped into chunks

Peppers- as above

Celery – as above, but with perhaps a bit of low fat spread

Baby tomatoes

Beetroot – cooked and chopped into chunks

Lean meats – ham, chicken or turkey, chopped into chunks

Hard boiled eggs

Fruit – fresh, tinned or dried

Nuts – fresh, that is – although they are high in calories, they are jam packed with nutrition and proteins :)

Seeds – like sunflower seeds, these are also packed with nutrition

Wholegrain cereals –

Pomegranates – cut into quarters, get a clean pin and prick the seeds out, this also keeps your hands busy doing something

What would you put in your snack box ?? I’m sure you can think of lots more, so please let me know eh :)

Ok, this will be a big change, but don’t do it all at once, perhaps start off with healthy snacks one day, then the next day, chocy and cakey and so on, until you get to enjoy your healthy snacks :) just try it :o :)

Speak soon, Pete :)


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