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selling a mobility van

My dad died from PSP nearly a year ago now and since then I've been trying to sell my mum's Wheelchair Adapted Renault Kangoo she used for him. We're having no luck at all and I've tried all the main car/van selling options including the local paper. I've been told it's definately reasonably priced so don't understand why it's not sold yet. Does anyone have any ideas or know of any mobility sites that sell second hand vehicles for you?

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What about one of the disabled car companies.

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where is your location please ?UK no good Aust Perth?


I sold my late husband's through the local free ads paper.

Depending on the motor specification, some are to taxi spec. You can check with the local taxi licensing office. There may be an additional fee of around £250 for the taxi driver to have this "type" approved., so bear this in mind.

The one I sold was a Fiat Doblo Hi-top and a man who ran a care home bought it and luckily I got the price asked. It was priced in the mid range to allow a little bit of flexibility. It was immaculate with exceptionally low mileage. Wish you luck in selling.


Thanks so much for the replies. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any disability websites that sell privately. Yes I'm in UK. Mum lives in Yorkshire. Had it for sale on freeads

for a couple of months last year but no luck. We'll keep trying though and thanks again anyway. Fingers crossed it goes soon!



You could try Good luck.



Cheers Jan, I'll give it a go



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