Straws with a one-way valve = very helpful!

Hello everyone.Jane2212 (thank you very much Jane!) on 10 February answered a question on this site about chewing difficulties and she mentioned that straws with one-way valve are very helpful for psp patients.Well, i can confirm it!We decided to give it a go and the results are very good.We used common straws for my dad (he has swallowing difficulties with liquids), but the choking was usual.Now, with one-way straw he rarely chokes even when he drinks with fury.In these straws the liquid doesn't flow down after lips are removed and this eliminates sucking air from an empty straw.I hope they will be proved very helpful too,if you decide to try.Best of wishes, John.

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  • hi john where do you buy these one way straws in a pharmacy mate \\\ i am having trouble with liquids myself and it sounds like a great idea peter jones queensland australia psp sufferer

  • Hi, Peter.I managed to find the straws in a website here in Greece.There are many sites that sell them worldwide.Since you are in Australia, you can check this out;

    This site has the websites of the sellers.For example you can find the straws here;

    I wish you the best, you are a real inspiration for us in the way you are coping with the disease.

  • thanks john for your promt answer i hope this will solve the problem or at least help it along a little bit\\\ thank you for your kind words mate i try and stay as positive as i can \\\but sometimes slip away a bit but not to much if i can help it\thanks again

    peter jones queensland australia psp sufferer

  • thanks john 2 for your reply mate and websites etc. have a great day matey see yer peter jones q.l.d. Australia psp bloke

  • I got these online from here :

    . It mainly makes plastic products so you have to look carefully. They are approx 15 for £15 free post and come very quickly.

    Mum's speech and language therapist recommended them and this site-they are pretty expensive elsewhere. Mum found them really good especially in the end stages when she did'tt have a lot of strength and the sucking mechanism was failing. Please make sure you wash BOTH ends when rinsing and rinse between every use as they block up and the ball can't move. Check you can hear the ball rattling before using , then you know its going to work ok,


  • daughtermo1 hi dianne thanks for information mate and replying so promptly will look into it peterr jones queensland australia psp sufferer

  • You are very welcome. Mum found them most useful when she was having a poorly patch and found everything exhausting.

  • Hi john, my hubby uses a very thin straw, which has worked for a few month, can you tell me do these straws stop overfilling? hubby can use straw one day and not the next so has the spoon most of the time and is fine with being spoon fed drinks. cant seem to grasp the straw to initiate the suck, but overfilling is a major problem so need to have something to help. i await your response. thanks

  • Hi, mummybear.Do you mean that your husband tends to suck from the straw steeply and as a result too much water comes into his mouth?My dad used to do the same thing.These straws slow the flow of fluid, which allows for more control over the quantity of fluid taken with each sip and helps to ensure that fluid is deposited in the front of the mouth.It really reduced coughing and choking very much.Wish you and your husband the best, John.

  • Thanks for the reply John, i will look for some at the chemist. take care regards Mummybear

  • Hi Please can you advise me? I have looked on the website 'really useful products' but couldn't find the straws, I have however found - 'Uniflow One Way Drinking Straws - Pack of 15' on Amazon are these the same ones? as I have bought so many different cups, bottles etc (one with one way valve on a long straw but Mum couldn't control the flow when you bite the straw as the bottle had to be higher than the person using it) for Mum that haven't been suitable but these straws sound good:) I will get them if they are the same ones! they are multi coloured as well?! Thanks very much Jan

  • Hi, Jan.I looked the "Uniflow One Way Drinking Straws" on Amazon and they seem to do the same job as the straws i suggest.But the disadvantage is that they are disposable.We use these ,you just have to rinse them and you can use them again and again.You can find them in many websites across the internet.Also, i saw the straws you mentioned bend and i don't know if it's good, i don't know if they are stable.Best of wishes, John.

  • Thanks John I'll go with the one's you advise:)

  • Thanks going to try it

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