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another good week

i have had a poorweek for fallling - too much 3 times a day on average

- but have sold my apartment and am hopign to move into hte ground floor of the wonderful Halll where i lvie and rent the apartment there until i can afford 2 buy it

in a few months time when ian has sold his

great news as the move downstairs is a l ot easier 2 contemplate than a move somewhere else

and it is large enough so i will not have to downsiize at all at the present

I shall of course eventually have to go into nursing care in the future but that may be a while off and no DIFFICULT STAIR S TO NEGOTIATE OR FALL DOWN!!

love Jill

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Hi Jill

Great news that you have sold your apartment. You must be really pleased that it hasn't taken too long. It looks as though your new place will be so much easier for you and safer too now that you won't have stairs to negotiate.

Very best wishes to you for your forthcoming move into your new home and wishing you happiness always.

Take care, and remember (like I tell my hubby)....."no more falling over!"....... if only we carers could be sure you would always be safe when we are not in the same room.

Good luck with the move.

Love...............SuzieQ xx


So glad things will be easier for you now Jill. I wish you all the best with your move and I hope you didn't hurt yourself too much with your falls.



hi jillann,

how yer doing i hope your keeping well as you can

good news about the sale of your apartment and

it should make life a lot easier for you i hope, at least

you wont have stairs to worry about which is a good

thing isnt it, good luck with the move jill i hope it all goes


best wishers

ray xx


Hi Jill

how wonderful to see a flurry of positive posts from you! How do have time to fall down with everything else you have going on ;) ?

I'm delighted that you've been able to get the apartment sold, and the move downstairs sounds perfect. A stair free zone should ease some of the problems for you, we hope.

Great news all round!

love always,

Fiona x


Glad to hear the news about your move - hope it all goes smoothly! Once you're settled I hope you find the falls become less frequent!

Do take care of yourself

love Kathy x


Hi Jillann

You have become a regular blogger!! Good to hear about your move, I am sure you will find being downstairs so much better. Sorry to hear you have been having so many falls I'll have to sponsor you for how many falls you don't have :) only kidding.

Take care Jillann and keep us up to date with your move

Lesley x


hi lesley

yes i liek that about bieng sponsored for how many fallls i do not have

i have not lost my sense of humour, nor have you

keep smiling

love jill xx


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