forced to move right after my husband's death

As if it weren't enough that my husband died on April 8th, 2014 from CBD, my mother passed in January, 2014 of Parkinsons, and my father suddenly in July, 2013. Now my rent is up for renewal at the retirement facility in which my husband and I have lived for the past 4 1/2 years. I cannot afford the rent increase or even a drop down to a smaller apartment. There simply isn't enough income coming in anymore. So I am forced to move now. All of this within a year. I don't think I can take any more.

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  • What city/country are you in? I'm asking because programs are so varied depending on where you are. What a god awful year you have had! I am sorry for all of your losses but right now the focus has to be on your finding a place to live. This online community is pretty extensive so maybe someone can be of help if you let them know where you are located. Chin up. JG

  • I live in Leawood (Overland Park), Kansas, which is part of the greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area.

  • hi dln

    i understand where u r coming from Now - literally so as there may not be much help available to u in the USA




    I am so sorry that you are having problems which have come all at once for you

    what age are u?? where do you live ?etc etc

    please stay on the site

    lol JIll

    hugs and xxxxx

  • I will be 62 this year. My health is OK but my body is not. I've had both hips replaced, my right knee and the ball and socket in my left shoulder. I'll eventually need the other 2 joints left replaced. I am in pain constantly because I have spinal stenosis. This causes back and leg pain. I can't even pack myself to move. Too hard on my body. I can only do a little bit at a time. This move is going to stress me completely because I love where I live now.




  • Leawood, Kansas

  • Good morning I you live in the UK you should go in to your local council and apply for housing benefit. If you are receiving a widows pension or old age pension you should also be able to receive pension credits an also receive help with your council tax. . You should do this straight away. I am so sorry to here of your loss. May God bless you. X

  • No. USA. No such things to my knowledge.

  • I agree with what was said by others here. I pray that your heath is good. So much loss. I am sure it seems almost too much to bear. However, you are stronger and more resourceful than you may recognize. You have been there for three of the most important people in your life. Do you have any children or grandhildren? Also not sure of your age. It may be a blessing if they would have extra room. They may welcome having a loving grandmother to be close. God works in mysterious ways in our lives. Though one chapter in your life may be ending, God may be leading you in a different direction. I pray He is a part of your beliefs. He will not give you more than you can handle. A church family may be more than willing to help you out. Be strong and of good courage. The Bible also states, I can do all things, through Christ, who strengthens me. I trust doors will open to you. I will be praying for you. Like one said in another reply, stay involved here, we will be here for support and encouragement. Take care!

  • No children. Never had any. No I am alone except for a few friends here.where I live and they are in their 80's. I do have 3 brothers but one is fighting prostate cancer after losing his wife a few years ago to breast cancer. The other 2 are friendly on the phone but don't see them very often. Not much support there. No I'm pretty much on my own. I am president of the Town Council here and involved in all kinds of activities but leaving here for a regular apartment will be a lonely life.

  • Hi Dragon Lady,

    I've just read your previous post about your husband's distinguished service to his country and am wondering if there is a Forces Benevolent Fund or Veterans' Fund who might be prepared to help you with either staying in your current home or finding a new one?


  • Excellent thought Dragon Lady!!

  • That sounds like something worth checking into. Thank you for the suggestion. I'll check it out.

  • DragonLady, You've certainly had your share of heartache and trouble. However, that just means you are overdue for some good things. I know what you mean about the finances. A neighbor of mine lost his wife. Both were on social security. He said it is rough on one income but he'd pitch a tent and live at the beach before he'd move in with his children. Stay strong, your husband and family would want it that way. Fight every way you can to survive and have a life. Best wishes for good things in your future!! Jimbo

  • Buckeye 7... It is encouraging to know there are other believers on this site.

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