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i have been stressed lately with my apartment selling but i have been falllign up 2 20 times a day

iS it possibley a worsenign of the psp ?- i have been lucky and have not broken any more bones and do not have osteoporosis

But when i fall using my frame indoors (and the frame goes over as well)i am worried about going out anywhere at all even with someone

any ideas?

i'the agitation and restlessness bad and i am not sleeping v well at all , so getting up at 4 am (visit 2 the loo)and the falls start then( i have a commode to use which i am doing as well)

taking TRAZaADONE for this but not a much difference as yet

i know i should stay in bed and relax but impossible at the moment

love jill


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Dear Jill

So very sorry to hear of your increased falling. I am sure it is due to the anxiety associated with you selling your apartment, etc. I know when Tony stresses about things (even simple things) his balance always seems to suffer together with an increase in his right hand tremor. Once he is calmer things usually return to "normal" so I am just hoping this is the the same for you and when everything is finalised, things will settle down for you. I continually remind Tony to take it slowly, but unfortunately, all you folks with this dreadful illness seem not to hear! (I say that jokingly, but I feel it is also very true!).

It is always good to read your blogs on here but once again, I am very, very sorry to hear about your increased falling. I hope you have a personal pendant alarm like my hubby. At least if I have to go out without him I know that he can get help very quickly should it be necessary.

I hope you manage to stay upright once the sale is complete and just remember to take good care of yourself.

God Bless.........................SuzieQ xxx


Dear Jill,

You have such a lot on your plate at the moment and I'm sure (as Suzi says) things will settle again once you are in your new place.

Is it possible that you might have an infection "brewing"? This can also make symptoms worse.

Do you have carers? If not, maybe a short term care package would help to reduce the stress until your move is completed.

Do take care of yourself.

Love Kathy x


yes i have a carer cojmign each day Mon - Fri who ehlps me a lto and i do nto fall when she is aroudn

I am just falllling /losing my balance and it could be an ear infection as my ears have got wax in....

with the psp iti is difficullt to tell as my sense of taste and smelll hav e gone

love jill

ps i have uised the olive oil methdo to no avail



So sorry you are falling so much.

Whenever my wife starts to experience worsening mobility & balance, increased agitation, restlessness and difficulty sleeping it is usually the sign that she has a water infection or something similar. A visit to our GP and a course of antibiotics usually sorts things out

I would suggest you visit your GP for a check up.

Good luck with your move

Take care



Thanks f4 that tRoger

i have been on a course of antibiotics 4 a cold and cough but shall see the gp agian next week

love jill


see comment above Roger

i may have an ear infection



Hi Jill

stress, infections, medications- they probably all contribute to the falling. It's interesting that you don't fall when the carer is there- what do you do differently then? Does s/he make you do things more slowly, or help you to do things that otherwise make you fall?

If you don't have a pendant thing, you could think about getting one. If you do have one, then don't forget to wear it!!


Fiona x


previous blog unreadable

I had the pendant on when i fell backward d own the stairs but this was of no help as i pressed it and could nto get to the landline phoen to ask 4 help and did not have my mobile on me

By this time i had got a couple of the neighbours to call an ambuilancce.

.Ii wear it when on my own and it went through the washign mahcine by msitake = as they r not waterproof: i tried it and it stilll worked!!

so all is well in that wau

buT i am stillf a\lling more than2 0 times a day and just los emyh balaance and go fwds

NOT good 4 the knees /face/ etc

Jill xx


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