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My lovely Mum

Not long after Mum was diagnosed with PSP I wrote this poem

I want to be 7 years old again

To lie, curled,

With my head in my Mother's lap.

To have her stroke my hair and say

"Don't worry, everything will be ok".

But it can not,

will not

be "OK"

for she is being stolen away.

Bit by bit

by something cruel.

Out of our control

Yesterday, I was sitting on the floor by Mum's chair, having just fed her and her hand reached out and stroked my hair twice.

Made my week.

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thats lovelly kathy x


Beautiful! A wonderful moment to treasure.

A gift to you from her, when she can do so little- a wee reminder that she is still who she was even though sometimes the PSP hides that.



I know that feeling exactly. Thanks so much for sharing the poem, Kathy.


That's lovely Kathy. It must have taken you back to when you were younger and that moment has now provided you with a lovely memory to hold onto.

Lelsey x


Hi Kathy

What a lovely poem.

I have that feeling for my husband who died four years ago of PSP. Sometimes when I hear a piece of music which reminds me of him I can go back in time and relive some of our wonderful moments. Apart from being my husband he was my best friend and I can feel close to him again in these moments.

Warm regards



What a lovely message which brought tears to my eyes as I feel exactly the same. Mum is now in a nursing home and finding communication very hard. when I go over and visit we watch the Food Network (she was an anazing cook prior to her diagnosis). I cuddle up with her in her bed and we never need to talk she just holds my hand as if I was a little girl. Most of the time I feel so angry that this disease is robbing me of her little by little but these moments of pleasure and peace remind me of the amazingly brave mother I have and that I should take my lead from her.

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So beautiful but so sad x


Thanks to all who commented. It was a very special moment that I will treasure for ever.

Love to all

Kathy xxx


Hi Kathy.

Such lovely words, but also very, very sad. Love to you and your lovely mum. Treasure these moments and lock them away in your heart forever.

Love..............SuzieQ xxxx



it is very creative , i thing tht a poam aq day will keep the dr away .

please dont stop writung

all the best israel


How lovely but also so sad. It made me feel very tearful.

Love to you.



How wonderful!



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