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I would be very grateful if someone could advise me care homes in County Antrim. My mother-in-law needs to go in for respite care, would any of them have experience of PSP? The reason I ask is the carers who come to the house had never heard of it and we're concerned that some of the care homes would be unfamiliar with it also.

Many Thanks

Bubbles :-)

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fiona on the site may wel knwo of some appropriate care homes

lol Jill



I think Karina Lodge in Kilrea had a patient with PSP but so far I have found nowhere with staff that know anything about PSP


Hi Bubbles

it's likely that staff will only know anything about PSP if they've nursed someone with it before. Karina Lodge comes recommended by the family with PSP who used it a few years ago. There are PSP patients in Belfast and Lisburn in nursing homes- I'll try to find out which ones and get back to you. Make sure any home has PSPA helpline number and contact details- they will be glad of the support.

What area are you thinking of?



Hi Guys, Thank you foe getting back to me.

Unfortunately Kilrea would be too far for my father in law to drive to every day. They are in the Antrim area so Belfast/Lisburn/Antrim are the areas being to looked at. He had looked at the newly built Brooklands in Antrim but they had never heard of PSP. A meeting with the local health trust has indicated that funding won't be available for at least another month, and that is with him paying half of the fees.

Trying to convince my mother in law that she will be going in for a week to give my father in law a much needed rest has been meet with hysterics, tears, anger and general emotional blackmail. He really doesn't need all the upset on top if everything else :-(




Just wondering if you got anything sorted.


Hi Jac001

After many mix ups with the Trust and the Home she is finally going into Brooklands in Antrim on Tuesday for a weeks respite.

The difficulty is now she is crying all the time and getting hysterical about it, saying no one cares, they are all thinking of themselves etc etc generally feeling very sorry for herself. She cannot or will not see how mach my father in law needs a break,

he is literally going to collapse.

Hope next week is stress free for all

Thank you

Bubbles x


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