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eye tremor

hi all,

just a short blog for a change just lately i have

had this slight tremor in my left eye, it wasnt causeing

me any problems at first but over the last couple of weeks

its becomeing a pain i cant watch tv without the pitcher

shakeing i cant use the laptop propley without the screen

flickering my gp said its down to the CBD but he puts everything

down to that so i was wondering if anybody else has had this

problem on there journey with cbd/psp thanks,

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Have you asked for botox? Faiza x


morning faiza,

hope your keeping well thanks for the info

i will look in to the botox take care,

ray x


Hi Ray

Dad's having his Botox done on the 19th. I think you should ask your consultant about the possibility of getting this done as it might help.

Hope you're coming to the cambs support group on the 1st



hi faiza,

hope your keeping well i hope everything goes

well for your dad with the botox on the 19th thats

the same day that i attend the psp/cbd clinic at

addenbrookes in cambridge, yes i will be comeing

to the cambs support group on the first i look

forward to seeing you there,

take care

ray xx


Dad has similar issues x


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