stoicism and psp

i have become stoical and accepting fo the psp and whatever it throws at me

plus life in general

i am attempting to sell my l1st floor flat to move into a ground floor flat but the market is v depressed here in NW England and my flat has lost 20% of its value since i bought it 4 years ago!

But every cloud has a silver lining and i am due to an inheritance from an old friend which will make good the loss

so i remain stoical re the psp

love jill

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  • Hi Jill

    Well done! I love to hear of your stoical, positive spirit. I am a great believer staying strong, optimistic and in something turning up - and for you it looks like it is. That's wonderful.

    I lost my husband to PSP a few months ago and I miss him dreadfully, but like you he was very stoical; lost his way a little half way through the journey, but then his sense of humour and cheery personality came back and whatever came his way he coped with and accepted. Wherever he went people knew he was there - his personality filled the room - even when the chips were down he remained positive. Now I am trying to follow his example by staying strong.

    We had our struggles like everyone does - what with his PSP, money worries, and feelings of being forgotten by friends and family, but you know something always turned up. In many ways I say we were blessed.

    Good luck with selling your flat Jill. It's a daunting time even when we have our health so I really hope all will go well for you.

    I always think of the worst thing that might happen - then, if it doesn't - It's always a pleasant surprise! Little things will always hold you up along the way, but if you just 'go with the flow' it always goes well in the end - you'll see.

    Love, Maggie x

  • hi maggie

    i have read your blogs on the Psp forum - and you adn Richard were so good at dealing with this Psp in all respects

    i understand how your children found it difficult to cope with their dad getting so much iller each time they were in touch

    but you wer always there for him which is soooo importantt

    i have actually suffered fromj depression most of my adult life but have been much more positiive in dealing with this illness than anyone could have expected (am on a low dose fo an antidepressant )adn i do have a strong will like ray wiffen says below

    apart from getting so much help from the forum and this blogging (e gi now i can get a radar key - had never heard of htem until i read a blog!)

    nuff for now - need 2 keep the apartment tidy - not somehing i have been good at doing lately!!

    love jill

  • Reading the blog and comment have boosted my low mood of late. I think you are both doing marvellously and your words offer encouragement to all readers. I am glad of your inheritance Jill, may it bring all the comforts and luxury to make life easier for you, and Maggie your husband would be proud of your attitude.


  • hi jill,

    hope your keeping well and hope things are going

    well with the sale of the flat,i think that you are a

    very positive and strong will person and you can do

    anything if you put your mind to it your a bit like me

    realy im a very positive person and i stay strong to

    stop my family worrieing about me i can say one

    thing this bloody CBD wont get the better of me

    not with out one helliver fight, im glad to here that

    you will be getting your inheritance i hope it makes

    things easyer for you well take care jill,

    luv ray

  • hi ray

    how r u re the stomach problems adn tthe not sleeping?

    i have had stomach prpblems many years ago adnnkeep the heartburn & acdi reflux at bay with an omeprazole 1st htig in the a.m

    \have u started the speech therapy yet?

    llove jill

    ps i hae found inner strength i neve knew i had to deal with this Psp

  • hi jill,

    hope your keeping well i am takeing omeprazole twice

    a day but they havent made any difference , when i was

    assesed for the LST in july i was told i would hear within

    a week and i still havent heard a bloody thing, Ihave got

    my appointment for the cbd/psp clinic at addenbrooks thats

    on monday 19 september and i have to have the camera put

    down on the 15 september i just got the paper work come

    in the post from the hospital and they explained about the

    procedure it isnt as bad as i throught so fingers crossed,

    Ithink we all find inner strength when we need it , Its a case

    of haveing to just to cope with these diseases , we cant

    let them beat us can we you take care and keep your chin

    up jill,

    luv ray xx

  • ray

    good luck with the camera = i baulked a bit when i had it done - a natural reflex to having somehting put down the throat

    a stiff drink b4 hand to relax you? only joking!

    luv jill

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