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Great loss of a great man


It has been three weeks since we lost David to PSP. I miss him very much.

He fought bravely until he knew that it was time to go home. He went peacefully with the same beautiful grace that he showed through out this awful illness that took everything away from him in this life. I know that he is now with God and feeling the wonderful joy that only God can provide. What eye has not seen and ear has not heard, and what has not entered the human heart. What God has prepared for those whoove Him 1 Corinthians 2:9

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hi JUDy

I am so sorry 4 yoru loss Of DAVID

my partner gets v annnoyed with em every tiem i try to od somehTHING as i jus t fall over

but i know it upsets him

and it is so difficul to si tback and watch

hugs and MORE hugs to you

lol JIll


judy1962 in reply to jillannf6

Hi Jill I remember those days when Dave would want to do things like stand up to get something and then fall It would make me so nervous. I wish that I could get those days back now. It is more difficult to miss Dave than it was to see him getting up when he shouldn't. We don't always see that while in the midst of the storm.



What a beautiful remembrance. Your love for David comes through in every word. You were there for every step of the battle he fought with PSP, and I pray that your faith sustains you through the grief and loss. May the Lord continue to bless you through these days. Love and prayers---Rosemarie

judy1962 in reply to Hidden

Thank you Rosemarie I need your prayers now.

hi judy,

this is dr. manak gupta this side.

i joined in a while back when my father was diagnosed with psp.though havent been a regular with this site but keep reading blogs from all of u in my mail.

i can feel what ur going thru.makes me fear for my dad..the mention abt david trying to get up and falling makes me live every moment i go thru at home when my dad does the same.

all i can say is that we all stand together against this disease affecting our loved ones and its not the lifespan but the love we shared with them which matters.

david was so lucky to have u by his side.

and he would be the happiest soul up me.and though u miss him a lot...plz do keep smiling always cause somewhere up there hez watching u and wants to see u happy.

dont know what else to say...we all love him for the courage he showed and the love and care u shared.



clara in reply to ManakGupta

lovely words Manak

judy1962 in reply to ManakGupta

Dear Manak,

Thank you so much for your kind, beautiful words. They do help me to cope with this pain and I think of David often in a very happy place with our son who also went to be with God. I can see them in my heart laughing and playing together. David healthy and able to do all of the things that PSP stole from him and our son smiling and so happy to see his dad. That vision has been comforting to my daughter and myself through the difficult weeks of missing David. He was such a beautiful man with such a bright light in his heart.



Dear Judy

So sorry for your loss. Please accept our sincere condolences. Our prayers are sent that you will find the inner strength to get you through these very challenging days. David is through his pain now and you must try to focus on all the happy memories you shared together.

Take care and God Bless.............SuzieQ x

judy1962 in reply to SuzieQ

Thank you Susie Q. I am hopin that your husband and you are coping well with his illness. The illness is difficult but losing them is worse. I am holding onto our happy memories and I will continue to do so.



Dear Judy,

My thoughts and prayers are with you. I know my Dad's time is near and yet I can't imagine my world without him. Remember he lives on in you heart and memories. And I'm sure he is looking down wanting you to be happy!

Manka wonderful words. Thank you.



judy1962 in reply to ddspan

Hi DeeDee you are right they do live on in our hearts and I know that I will see David again. I do however miss him so much. I would love to be able to hold him again and to feel close to him in body. I so hope that you Dad will leave peacefully and that you will find comfort.

Love Judy

Judy - my deepest condolences to you and your family. I lost my dad this past January. I felt such a loss of a sense of purpose. It took a little to find my way. It's been 7 months now and I so miss my dad but every day gets a little bit better. Grief still comes and goes but the waves are much further apart now. Lots of great memories to share and he is always mentioned and never forgotten. Be good to yourself Judy - it will get a little easier . . .

judy1962 in reply to dllera

He Dllera,

I am trying to be gentle to myself and to work through this grief. I pray without ceasing for my sweet daughter and for myself. I know that we need to get through this and we can not go around it. I too feel a loss of purpose as I am no longer caring for David and I miss him so much. I find myself talking to him on a daily basis. It somehow helps me to deal with his loss. Thank you for your caring thoughts.



Ah, Judy, I'm so sorry for your loss. David will always be with you.



judy1962 in reply to Fiona_McL

Thank you Fiona and I do feel that David is with me. It is comforting. I so wish that I could hug him in body though. I hope that you are doing well since the loss of your Mom.

Love Judy

Hi Judy,

My deepest sympathies and condolences to you, your daughter, and all of your loved ones. It sounds from your many blogs that Dave fought a very brave fight. I am sure that he will be sadly missed and very fondly remembered and cherished; hopefully the good times will outshine the bad. He is in God's keeping, and PSP can no longer harm any of you, only the memories.

Take care, and keep in touch with us.


judy1962 in reply to mlr82

Thank you Marisa you are right he is with God and no more suffering from this awful disease. I can take comfort from that. I just miss him. His courage, and beauty and just the light that he showed through the entire time that he was sick. What a testament of love and life to all of us that he truly was. Take care.



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