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Still has a sense of humor


Getting my guy up from the recliner because it his bedtime,into the bathroom we go,I can see that he is Wet and I'm pretty use of that,get him sat down only to find out he has had BM as well and as sad as it is I'm use to that as well,get him strip down and it a messy job and I finally get him to stand to finish cleaning him and dam if he doesn't start a major pee and trying to hit the garbage can with his eyes closed at that,at this point not much I can do to stop the process and then he starts to laugh..what are ya gona do.Good thing it's pretty much a Wett room.Tomorrow is another day and that's all I can do is take one day at a time,with a few mini meltdowns


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Oh my days, we do have to laugh don’t we, think we would have cracked long ago if we couldn’t. Big hug to you xxx


I know the feeling.

oh yes. That brings back so many memories. You so often have to laugh or cry.


Oh Dee

Bless you .

Sending hugs your way

Lynda x

dw123456. I give you 'A' for effort , and a big 'A star' for ajolly good sense of humour. ...Brenda xxx

I found Wine, Chocolate or both to be quite useful at times like this!!!

Sending big hug and much love

Lots of love



Update on my morning, my lucy dog who is going to 17 in March and is blind and deaf, got her up at 7: 30 AM place her in her bed under the kitchen table ( normal routine ) get her food ready so she can do what I call the turtle walk to find her food,she falls over me thinking she has slipped on the floor, pick her up and she falls over again, head is wobbling. Thinking this is her time to leave this world,pick her up and rock her ( she loves this) I tell her I love her, still rocking and she poops all over me the floor, continue to rock her for about half hour thinking she is leaving me,I had to put her down and dam if she doesn't get up and turtle walks to her food and wolf's it down.I know its to early for wine but my morning is just starting and not liking the way it's going.


raincitygirl in reply to Hidden

OMG! If you made a movie of this no-one would believe it!

aliciamq in reply to Hidden

Oh no 🙊

easterncedar in reply to Hidden

oh no oh no! After that, it's definitely wine o'clock!

Aww its been a bit of a poo day for you Dee.

I am smiling though at your unfortunate episode with your Lucy dog. She sounds adorable. Glad she's ok. Hope you are maybe it's time for that wine now 😊

Hugs to you and Lucy

Lynda x

Oh Dee I chuckled st this!!! My hubby cannot pee and poo during same episode and so often we clean up from one for him to start the other😊. Must be a PSP thing!! Next time I shall think of you and knowing we are not alone in this makes a huge difference - thank you for sharing your story

Love Tippy

Oh Dee, what an episode! Do you wish for disposable paper clothes and a garden hose in the wet room for Xmas? LOL...

XXX. Anne G.

This was my day, too!!!! Twice. He's on the pot right now and its getting late😐I may get him off. He already pooped. So this is the after poop sit a while and do a crossword puzzle😬great in the morning!! I've been so lucky with getting my night's sleep ~ don't want to start any new routines🤞🏼Have a good everyone😴

oh, my, I do know how that goes! It's all so much better if you can laugh. Hugs to you, Dee.

Love, EC

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