PSP Assoc. Request for our help

Hi folks this is being emailed out by the PSP Association.

Just in case some, like me, never got it.

"We've got a chance to receive a £25,000 grant, but we need your help to be successful

To commemorate 300 years of Freemasonry, PSPA have been nominated as one of the charities to benefit from a share of £3,000,000. In order to be successful we need as many votes as possible and that’s where you, our amazing supporters can help.

By voting you’ll be helping us provide support to more people affected by PSP and CBD. All you have to is:

Go to

Scroll down and select the Northumberland region

Choose “The PSP Association” from the list displayed

Fill out the short form it takes you to with your name and email

To boost the votes please share as widely as possible – with friends, family, work colleagues. In fact everyone you know. Tell them why and get them voting.

Voting closes on 31st July but why wait. Vote and share today. You can help us receive this boost to our funds."

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  • Already done, Kevin, and I have everything crossed 😁


  • Will do....Brenda. ..

  • Already done this Kevin

  • Done !!

  • Bless you Kevin I was just about to do a post on this, well done and thank you!! X

  • done!

  • Does one have to be an Englishman? Or can those outside the UK vote?

  • I doubt their system would pick it up.


    I doubt their system will be able to differentiate between countries with a .com email address.

    And, there was nothing to say that people in the UK only should vote.

  • Ok I will vote...Thanks K1

  • Good on you - thanks :)

  • Have voted but how do I share?

  • Not sure if you can.

    Sending me some chocolate might be a start in that direction?


  • Yay I voted . As I was looking for our cause, I read the oh so many other causes....We all have a story and a need....a good reason to get on our knees and pray...if not for healing, for comfort!


  • Never thought of all our fellow mates world wide. Well Done Kevin! I have voted and shared it with my family. Who I know are sharing it as well, with other's. Let's hope we get enough votes.

    Lots of love


  • All done and thankyou for posting. J

  • Just voted......... Good luck.

  • Done and shared on FB


  • Just done it!

  • Did you notice PSP is only nominated in a few areas, so I put in the charity search and found it in Northumberland, I have also sent to all in my address book with a polite request for their votes, several companies included

    Maybe we can all do this, it is a massive opportunity not to let go, fingers crossed for us eh?


  • Done :-)

  • Wish those of us in other countries could help.

  • Done

  • Done it!


  • Thank you, Kevin; I had not been notified about this either, but, thanks to you, have now voted.

    Patientan (Ann)

  • Done!

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