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my latest blog: how i am at present

hi all

i am now in my grea tground floor aparmtment with my partner.

and it has been a v stressful move

but i am here, falling less, and apart from another 3 weeks upset of having the kitchen taken out and a new one put in

it is all good!

we know that i may have another rcouple of good years but i am prettty sure i have the slow type fo PSP

I have some stability at presenttand ammeetings / a choir i sing in/ hair do once a week efc

who knows wh t is aroudn the corner??

i have also go the LPA sorted with an A4 sheet on end of life care (not easy to do as i was v tearful at the tiem_)

but i have openly discussed i twith my nearest and dearest and they agree with me

no head in clouds for me!



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glad you are keeping us up to date Jill I have been wondering how the move had gone for you. It took it's time happening for you, and now the delay and upset with the kitchen. Your blogs always sound so positive to us all, but we do realise what a brave and resolute lady you are.

X Franks birthday today - 90, the care home are laying on a party for him, if i had let you know earlier you could have brought your choir to sing for him :)


thanks kay

happy birthdya to


a great age to have reached

lol JIll



Jill, you are such an inspiration. Congratz on the new place.



Glad you have settled in well. As the others have said, you really are an insperation. Take care xx

Reply glad you are finally in & seem to be settling well, even through the upset of having a new kitchen fitted. I agree with the are an inspiration & an amazing lady. Keep strong & keep blogging as it helps others so much.

As ever, take care & keep smiling Love Hazel B xx


Hi Jill

More congratulations on your move. We've done the same thing and we're much like yourself, having to change kitchens and bathrooms. We are very fortunate to have an en-suite for my husband and had visions of changing it into a wet room but due to the plumbing - which we believe can't be changed - we have to go back to the drawing board.

BUT - the move has been very positive and we're both much happier.

So, keep well and keep smiling.



Hi Jill, i am glad your move to the ground floor apartment worked good for you!Your blogs and comments always give me courage and make me smile, your are an example to follow.

I am sending you my best wishes, keep strong, John.


hi all

many thanks for all yr comments

and john

glad your father is starting speech therapy

is it the Lee Silverman treatment?

lol Jill



No, Jill, unfortunately there is no speech therapist with knowledge of Lee Silverman's technique in my area.But, we had some good recommendations for the speech therapist and she believes that my father will see some improvement.I hope she is right!Take care, John.



Well the kitchen has taken until this week to get finished,!

1 step fwd and 2 back

Butbit is now looking superb and imam even going to have a go,at an xmasvcake and pud

People on the Parkinson's site have said why not..??.

And my partner can help,me




Am now on Anglesey having a much needed break

And on our return thecworkmonnthe. Apartment should b finished



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