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ipad is the new me!"

i have jus t got my ipad for the proloqu2go "app" which converts text into speech.

it is a marvellous thing and although i CAN still speak it is v difficult on the phone makign myslef understoood after a sentence or 2

(my voice becomes quietieir my speech quicker adn the other person cannot understand me)

also it will eb brilliant when i have (if i do) lose my speech to ask for things

LUCY is the English voicelike on SAT NAV

so another good thing to start hte year with

courtesy of the local technology trust

love jill and a big :-)

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Excellent, Jill. I've seen so many good reports of this; I hope it works well for you :D x


That sounds a great idea Jill. Did you have to buy it? Do you think anyone who was not very technically minded before PSP would be able to use one? My hubby's voice is becoming quieter and quieter and like you, he sometimes to make himself understood. I would be very interested to know more if you can help.

So pleased you are finding it easier than the computer keyboard. I seem to remember that it is this weekend you are moving into your new apartment. Good luck with the move and I hope you will be very happy in your new home.

Take care...............SuzieQ xx


hi suzie

the ipad has been provided by the local technolgy assist centre

so i ahvave not had 2 buy it to try it

(waited 10 mobths for it)

i am nto mvoign iuntil w/c 5 marhc now

if then: i shall believe it when it hiappens

love jill :-)


So glad it has arrived at last Jill. It seems a long time since the meeting when Sue Lord from assistive technology visited the Liverpool support group but glad it has all been sorted out now.


Hi kat

It is great having the I,pad BUT ihave not used it yet 4 speaking,on the,phone

Lol Jill:-)


Hi the new iPad is great.

But no move now until at earliest wed 15 march

Love jill


Hi Jill

Great news about your new technology. I hope it makes life easier for you. Good luck with your house move on the 15th.

Best wishes

Jo x


Wonderful, Jillian! My guy's daughter and son-in-law gave him an ipad mini for Christmas and we practiced using the Dragon speech recognition program. It's going to be such a help. It's amazing technology. He can speak to it and it will convert it to text, let him edit it and send it off as email. He can make shopping lists and keep notes on a calendar with it. Lately he hasn't been emailing or writing anything by hand. He can talk but he can't write or type - the opposite of your problem, it seems. We're excited about the possibilities. Very cool!


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