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My mum has been dead for 2 weeks now. It's beginning to dawn on me that I won't see her again, that we can't hug and laugh together any more. Already I have so much I want to tell her.

I've written a few blog posts on my personal blog, which I hadn't originally intended to put here, but you have all been so supportive and kind and asking about us all, that I've decided to inflict them all on you!

Since I'm a kind soul really, you get to choose whether or not you click the links






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  • hi fiona

    a wonderufl blog - uou should have beena writer



  • Hi Fiona, your blogs are so engaging, sometimes heart wrenching, amusing but always enjoyable to read...I hope you are coping as well as possible and that you will continue with your blogs.

  • Hi Fiona,

    Thank you for posting the links. I shed a tear while reading but am inspired too. Herself was clearly someone very special.


  • Hi Fiona

    You are such an inspiration. To be able to write your thoughts down at such a sad time takes an inner strength which many of us on here certainly envy. Stay strong and take comfort from the fact that by posting your thoughts, you are helping those of us who are still watching our loved ones suffering with this dreadful illness. As already said, Herself must have been very special.

    Take care............SuzieQ xx

  • Well, I don't know about an inner strength ;), but I have found that writing it all down has helped me get it clear in my head, and process it a bit.

    You are all of course right, Herself was someone very special- whose mum isn't? This is the first blog post I did about her, on Mothers' Day


  • Made me cry reading them - but hey whats new! They are lovely to read even though sad - lots of love xxx

  • hi fiona. can i just ask if you dont mind, what was the last symptoms of your mom before she passed away? how'd she die? a hope you dont mind.

  • Hi Pame, she developed pneumonia, and died in hospital. It was peaceful and comfortable, like she just stopped. She was pain free, and still alert at times until about 12 hours before she died. Hope that helps.

  • Thank you everyone for all your kind thoughts. I've been able to get away on holiday which was great- spending time together doing fun family things for a change- but now we're back I'm sure the reality will kick in!

  • hi fiona

    yes but i have been reading your blogs - about your views on life - so relevant and important

    you are great and i wish you all the best in your life

    love jill xx

  • Hi Jill,

    and thank you for your always positive words. You're a boost to all of us here :)

    I started blogging in the spring and try to post most days. It's all just about what's going on in my world, so there's stuff about my mum, the children, my own health, music, books, random observations- the whole lot! Obviously it's not all for this forum; I think I go on enough here!

    I'm glad you've enjoyed it though. I've been surprised at how useful I've found the process. It's really helped me try to sort stuff out in my head.

    How was the meeting in Liverpool?

    Fiona x

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