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What keeps me going

Here is the next installment of my blog. When the weather is cold and I don't feel like training I call to mind all the names of people on this site and it keeps me going.

So this is for Mum (of course), for Jill, for Kay and Frank, for Hannah's Dad, for Judy J, for Peter3, for Cate and her Mum, for Dorothy Thompson and all the others who fight on every day........

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hi kathy well mate you have got guts there's no doubt about it \\ i think its hard to walk in the cold weather [ not that we really get any here\\but to ride in the snow and cold winds \\ your a champion mate i wish you all the best and thank you in advance for all your effort i know you will get there\\

peter jones queensland australia psp sufferer


When I'm swimming laps in the pool I recite that list

"Peter Jones from Queensland" is now added to the list!! The challenge I have set myself is nothing compared to the challenge of livng with PSP. It is you who is a champion!


kathy\\ thank you for those kind words i am honoured to be on your list when you go swimming \\ and i do hope its warmer than pictures i have seen on tv it looks very brr brr brr good luck and god bless peter jones queensland australia psp sufferer


bless you Kathy x


*HUGS* xoxox


Thank you Kathy. You are doing a wonderful thing. I have a really bad cold/flu bug at the moment and can't even visit my mum as I am worried about passing it on to her. I feel completely useless but I am so glad there are people like you out there making things happen for PSP.


Hi kathy

yes you will do it u know!and thanks for adding su to your "mantra"

lol JIll



playing bridge keeps me going at present! marytes13


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