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What next?

What is life going to throw at us next! Both my parents are 86years old, divorced and living alone in their flats. My mother who has always been fiercely independent bless her had a fall at 9pm on Saturday evening and was stuck on the floor till 12.30pm the next day because she didn't want to bother me! When I arrived at her flat with a key to get in she had left her key in the lock and put the security bolts on, so I had to ring the police and an ambulance! They had to break in by smashing one of her windows (thankfully she is on the ground floor). When I got to her she was lying on the floor with a big smile on her face and said "I've always wanted a handsome young policeman to come and rescue me!" She had been crawling round all night trying to get up rather than ring me because she thinks I have got enough on my plate! How I hope I have a sense of humour like my lovely Mum at 86! Now I've got to sort out stuff to make her safe which of course I'll have to do because I love her....xx

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What a trouper. Scary, though! Good luck with all you have to deal with. Hang on. EC


Thank you easterncedar, it is good to talk sometimes, it relieves a little of the pressure,

Love Pat xx


Oh dear. Your life seems to be going the way mine did. I found my 90 year old dad on his floor soon after my mum had died following 15 years with Altzheimers. I dialled 999 as I didn't know if he had injured himself. The paramedic asked if he was alright to which he replied, "Down this side but not this side". The poor girl started to examine him and he started to laugh and said, "I'm all right down this side but all left down this side". I had heard it many times before. I phoned social services and they arranged for someone to go in morning and evening. I went in every day after work as well. I also arranged a telephone life line so if he did fall he could ring for help which he did many times. As I was the contact person I had frequent phone calls informing me that he was on the floor. Many times I had to go to him in the middle of the night. My dear dad lived until he was a month off his 97th birthday by which time my husband had been diagnosed with PSP and using a wheelchair. Many times I wondered if things could possibly get any worse. Of course they do but somehow we carry on don't we? I'm afraid I had difficulty appreciating dad's jokes towards the end. Several times the paramedics would leave laughing but when the front door was closed he would tell me how he really felt.

Keep your strength up, it sounds as if you are in for a difficult time but I hope you are able to get help for your parents to relieve you a bit.



Thanks NannaB,

It does sound like you have been through already what I am just starting! They have taken my mum into hospital today suffering with chest pains, they think she may have had a slight stroke, I am so worried about her and on top of everything else I am feeling like I can't cope with any more of all this stress! I hope you're right about finding strength to cope, I'm sure I will somehow though, you just do don't you?

Love....Pat xx


I try to be up early to open the blinds and curtains which lets neighbours know I am up and unlock the side door for access have to remember every night to take key out of lock as my daughter has a key to get in


There are alert devices that when pressed will summon help. I used one for my wife. Jimbo


Thanks Jimbo,

Yes we have now got one sorted for her and I have also bought her a new phone so that she can keep one at her bedside. To top everything off she has been taken into hospital today with chest pains, they are doing tests on her, they think she may have had a slight stroke, I am so worried about her 😥 don't feel like I can take any more it's all getting too much for me!....xx


Hang on, Pat. Try not to worry. Life is just like this, and the ones who have no one to worry about are the ones to feel sorry for. Love matters. (Easy to say not to worry. I worry about my mother all the time. She is 88, had a small stroke 2 years ago, from which she has stubbornly insisted on recovering, and has heart problems, but lives alone and is the strong one for her friends. She still drives.) But worrying can break you down, and that's no help! I hope all goes well for your mother. Keep in touch. Love and peace to you. easterncedar


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