falling forwards


i tend to fall fwds and usually to the right(unlike the literature which refers to falling backwards)

do others have the same problem?

i am paranoid about going donw slopes too (stairs are fine) - i have had a couple of horrrible falls outside -on a tiny incline -in the past no. of years prior to diagnosis

do others withtpsp falll fwds as well or is it mainly backwards?



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  • Hi Jill

    Just to reassure you, my hubby who also suffers with PSP, also falls forwards. He has fallen backwards many times but recently he has a tendency to fall forwards and to the right. As you are already aware I'm sure, everyone is different with this horrid illness, but I can understand how frightening it must be if you can actually see where you are falling. My hubby struggles going downstairs however, and doesn't seem able to find the tread of the stairs. We have now ruled out using an escalator if we go out as he seems to lean forward and I am terrified he will fall. I hope this information is helpful.

    Take care and Good Luck.....SuzieQ xx

  • Hi Jill

    Marion has been falling for the last 12 month's, All of these fall's have been forward, Had 1 fall last month where she did fall backward's,Marion's specialist suggested hip protector's(pants with interchangeable pads) which have saved her from fracturing her hip's, Also found marion will not put her hand's out to save herself when she does fall which is a worry, When we go out i alway's support Marion either hold her arm or support under her armpit(look;s a bit strange ) but i can support her better as she has a tendacy to lean forward, Marion also has a problem with bright light's/sunshine, Bought her a pair of wraparound sunglasse's which make her more comfortable, Take care.

  • Hi there...my husband Frank also falls forwards...usually because his body moves but his feet tend to stay where they are as though they are stuck to the floor. I have to tell him to move his feet & also touch the relevant foot as he sometimes now gets confused between L & R.. He has been wearing Sunshield glasses for a couple of years now as he has severe Photophobia.This doesn't help. He's had a few falls but nothing really drastic YET.

    Take care everyone & try to keep smiling.

    Hazel B

  • We keep a gait belt on Bob constantly when he is moving and gives us alot of control to keep him from falling. He is 6"1' and 200 pounds.

  • gait belt - I have been trying to find one and never came up with the name -thx :)

  • ihi

    thanks 4 your comments

    in fact although i am stilll fallling it s only 3 times a week now and my walkng is much better!

    i put it down to the tai chi i am doing and the amantadine i am taking,..an d the 4 wheel frame i use...

    i am freezing a lot lest too

    1 of the bloggers thinks there are 2 types of PSP and i hope it is the slower one which i have

    take care and love to all


  • my falling is def worse when i am under stress and having just decideid to put my 1st floor flat on the market to move to a ground floor one somehwere i have been fallign twice a day (not 3 times a week)

    but i am wearing my great knee pads around the clock and my knees are well protected I(knee pads aroudn the ankles!! at ngiht time 2 give me a rest)

    love jill

  • My husband has no falling rules - forward ,backward, sidewards - today coming out of the bank, one of his legs gave way. Thanks goodness we were on the U-Step. A gentleman stopped to help , but, Jk assured him he would be OK. It must have been a rough "cramp"? - when we came home, I suggested we put the extra walker upstairs and he agreed right away. He usually manages with the cane upstairs as it is a small space.

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