Last night D got up to use the potty. A little wet on his undies and he took them off in the bathroom. Thought he might have to do more. Went to put on clean ones in our bedroom and stupidly did not sit down on the bed. So standing he lost his balance and fell. Fortunately he didn't hurt himself, very lucky. I can't convince him for the life of me to use the walker all of the time. Needless to say I was up most of the night. My being sick is making everything worse. He can't remember which pills to take when and I am going nuts.


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  • There will be lots of falls. Try to get a handle on how it happens before there is serious injury, like at our house. Hope there is someone you can talk to to help get organized and prepare for next stages. If you need help, don't be afraid to ask!

  • Hi Auddonz, sorry you are not feeling well. The midnight run is the worst.! B gets up only 2x a night now and these are early (12:30am) and late 6am) so I can get some sleep. Because B may be sleep walking I have found that walking in tandem behind him stabilizes.....Ususally. My knee is still aching from the midnight fall he had on ME! I still cannot pick him up when he falls on something else! But talk to him tomorrow about his fall last night. He needs to be able to process what happened. Try to help him get to the reality that the walker is not the enemy....(though B can do some mighty falls with it, Even still I am sure his falls per day are at 3to 4 with, as opposed to 8 to 12 w/out.)

    Again I am sorry you don't feel well I do hope you get better. Remember to record D's midnight fall!

    Stiff Upper,





  • I know what you mean. I keep having serious conversations with C. and he agrees to change but his behaviour doesn't. He just doesn't seem to learn new messages. It distresses us both.

    So sorry you are sick. Its all just too much, isn't it ?


  • Yes Jean, he swears he will use the walker or jut plain listen to me, but one minute later, off he goes without his walker or remembering what I told him. I wish I would feel better, maybe I could deal with everything better than I am now. Rotten time for me to get sick.

  • Yes Jean it is.











  • Jillannf6, Don't be afraid to ask your partner for some help. No sense you lying there just to refall. Maybe you can work out a schedule or have soemone come in at night(?) I hate to think of you doin it all by yurself...but am also amazed that you can!


  • jillianf6 you did it! I could understand what you wrote. None of this is pleasant to deal with but with someone like you it makes it easier somewhat. I try to stay strong for Don but getting sick myself screwed everything up.



  • So sorry for you, we have all been there and it gets to a stage you feel you cant take anymore. I think we all understand the denial of not wanting to use the walker. I know with my husband he can be quite stubborn and feels he can manage without them. Try and get sometime for yourself today I know i know its not that easy. Its so hard to deal with. My heart goes out to you. I know today I will be ready to pull my hair out, my husband has a visit to consultant today, and I dont know how he does it but he can brace himself and walk in as if nothing is wrong. We he is asked how many falls he has had in the last week, he will say one or two. The honest answer is will have fallen about six time before we arrive in the hospital. Such a horrible disease and we are all suffering. xxxx

  • Yes how come they save all of their energy when people are around. My husband does the same thing, "oh I haven't fallen."...I just sit behind him in the exam room and when questions are asked, I silently give the correct answer with a nod, or use my hands to tell them how many . Is that right way to go about it? I don't know, . I just wish he would expend some of that energy on me like he does others.....oh well and life goes on....


  • When we go to the doctor, I "Tell It Like It Is". Besides being important for the doctor to know the truth, it seems to help my husband also. He usually will say, oh that's right, agreeing with me. I think it helps to refresh his memory in some way. My husband has the dementia that can go with PSP.

  • Yes I understand . I asked him how he was doing today, emotionally.He said that he didn't like this thing (PSP) but that he takes it as it comes.....I don't want to upset him or hurt his ego any more than it already is constantly opposing his answers, I do not correct every question with a silent answer but 70% are quietly corrected.....the other 30 % are with me joking at his answer ex. I never fall.....my retort except when going to the bathroom in the mid night haha...I don't know maybe my pride is too connected to his....


  • I don't ask him that since he is upset enough about the whole situation. Doesn't like it either. I just say ok, but don't correct him anymore since whatever I say goes in one ear and out the other. He went to the market with our daughter and managed to knock down a display and almost hit a lot of people. She said she will never go with him again, he will have to sit in the car :(

  • C waits in car while I nip in and out of shops. Now he has started destroying car during these waits. Broke fob on ignition key and car wouldn't start; has broken seat belt and vizor. I keep praying for destructive phase to end but still going strong.

  • OMG, Have you spoken to Dtr about what you can do about this?

  • Totally agree jmhk. His memory is really bad or is he in denial is the question.

  • In thinking back, for quite a few years I thought he had the beginning of Alzheimer's which I think is dementia. And he had the occasional unexplained fall. The dementia combined with all these other PSP symptoms makes it so difficult.

    I'm pretty sure this started at least in 2008. And I have to say, my husband was always verbally abusive to me, but it got much worse around the same time I think all this started. He's much quieter now. Doesn't make me feel good about it though. I'd trade in a heartbeat.

  • They are two different things jmhk. Alzheimer's much worse. Dementia does go along with PSP.

  • Sounds like my husband, complete denial

  • I went to a brilliant presentation about PSP and it was stressed that insight is one of the first things to be affected. So perception of risk goes.

    Every time my husband gets out of the car before I can get round, throws back a drink without the straw and chokes, heads off despite having his eyes closed 90% of the time, or a myriad of things that I seem to have asked him a million times not to do, I just chant inwardly " he has no insight, once it's gone it can't be taught " and it does help a bit!

    I hope this helps x

  • Wow you know I know that but must be told a thousand times this very thing.....I call it executive functioning not sure insight is same thing...please define.

  • Define what abirke. His not getting it, not listening. He does think this will all go away. Not ready for wheel chair yet. It is in the closet.

  • Sorry, no words of wisdom. It will happen again and again until he can't walk anymore. He thinks he can do everything he always has so why use a walker. I did manage to get mine to use one eventually but you can't hold a urine bottle and a walker and it's difficult to turn to sit on a toilet still holding on to a walker. I kept a diary noting down every time my husband got out of bed, every time he fell and every time I saved him from falling. I showed it to the GP and think it helped towards getting CHC and more help.

    I'm sorry you are unwell and know it makes a lot of difference to how we feel when something happens. Sometimes I can just get on with it and get over it but if I am ill or tired the tiniest thing can make me turn into a monster.

    I had to hide medication from my husband as he had no concept of time and if he saw them, he took them.

    If he dozes throughout the day, ignore housework and sit and doze as well. Even a 20 minute shut eye can make a huge difference.

    It's very sad to say that things won't get any better, different but not better.

    Stay strong but not too strong to ask for help.

    Sending you a big hug and praying you feel better soon.


  • Yes NannaB...I love the part about the dozing...we already established that noone really cares about the dust....noone comes to my house anyway...except the youth group and Im not sure they know what dust is and seem to bring alot of it in themselves hahah

  • NannaB, He was using a bottle when he was in rehab but ended up pouring more on himself than in the bottle. More of a mess than it was worth. I keep on yelling at him, please be careful. Do you want to break something? Doesn't get through and I end up crying.

  • I know what you mean about the mess with a bottle. I exchanged the one that was given to us with a fabric softener bottle that had a screw lid on it. C managed for a while screwing the lid on and leaving it for me to tip away. Unfortunately he then aimed leaving the bottle on the floor in the bedroom and tried to get it in the hole at the top. Needless to say, the bottle was empty but everything else nearby was wet, including inside the bedside cabinet drawer. I ended up crying as well and had to get the carpet taken out. I replaced it with rugs and had to clean the one on his side of the bed many times.

    I hope you are feeling better today, health wise. It is a bit easier dealing with challenges if you are fit and well.


  • Oh what a mess NannaB, I feel for you. The only way D was able to do it is if I held it in the right position for him but he still managed to wet the bed and himself.

    Unfortunately I am not feeling better and am going to crawl into bed for a while.



  • He can come to my house, theres nothing left to break! hhahaha


  • You are to much AVB :)

  • hahaha.....yah I'm 4'10" and alll mouth!

    Seriously though, we have very few things that do not have the

    Mark of the Bruce on it hahaha

  • Ha, I beat you by 2". He out weighs me by 50 lbs or more so if he falls again he had better be able to get up himself or we are in trouble. I was just informed by my daughter that if something happens to me, her Dad will go into a nursing home. I am very upset at the moment.

  • Sheeze honey , I'm sorry ,,,,,you know it's moments like these that push you into making your own arrangements for moments like those. You know, I haven't considered that for Bruce, nor myself. I would not want to put that on my kids, but he is much too young and alert for an old folks home.......I know where he is going when he dies, but what if I die? where is he going......shit.....


    I just got a text from my daughter....don't worry about cat James is doing it......

    In her text Thursday, she told me that she had forgotten to ask him.... thus my assumption was that he was doing it all this time.....She finally asked him TODAY when she finally realized that her mother was a complete nit! what is it the first thing in an assumption is a big ass....or is it just to assume makes an

    ASS out of U and ME ok I am really going

    DEEP Breaths have a good day rest and water.


  • Have been on the net all day looking for a new bed quilt or comforter. Just returned 2 that I bought, didn't like them when they arrived. Not very happy right now. Trying to figure out now what my options are.

  • It does seem true that PSP suffers loose the ability to risk assess. I seem to spend a good deal of time reminding Ben to be careful, hold onto rails etc but it seems to make no difference to the next move. Very stressful to make sure they stay safe, seems like constant nagging.

    I hope that you soon feel we'll as it takes a lot of physical and emotional energy to get through the day (and night ) and I am nowhere near the worst bit yet!. Take care.

    Kate xx

  • "Hands to hip and you won't slip" a little rhyme I made up so B will remember to to stand up straight and pull the walker closer to him ...2 steps later I am repeating the rhyme haha...the worst is turning around still working on some areas where there is not much room.....


  • Kate, sounds like me. Forever reminding Don constantly but it never works which is so very frustrating. Goes in one ear and out the other. Never remembers or says I don't need it, like the walker.

    I just want to feel better myself so that I don't have to be scared that he will hurt himself.


  • Hi sorry to hear about the fall and hope you get better soon. Margaret is a bit further advanced in that she cannot walk independently, walkers never any good. I walk her everywhere in the house. She gets up 2 to 3 times a night, 2, 3.30, 5 then 7. Since her last fall when she got over the bed rails and missed the sensor mat so fell into a gap between door and wardrobe about 3 months ago she has stopped getting up independently so makes her needs known by high pitched moans. Very disturbing so I now nap during the day and forget about housework. Margaret broke her arm in a fall about 8 months ago, it has healed but is still painful especially after I have to manoeuvre her roughly to save both of us falling. This has seemed to make her more aware of her lack of mobility. My problem at moment is because of pain in her arm I am having to give her pain killers at night. Knocks her out but then I am on edge because she does not wake until 5, sounds great, but she then has accidents either on way to commode or in bed. So not reccomended for your state. Hope you do not have to go through that experience with D.

  • wheelchair not a solution? they have transition levers or something that could help from bed to chair....

  • Thanks abirke I have a ceiling hoist and sometimes use it to move Margaret to the commode but takes time hence bed wetting accidents. Wheelchair is ready for when I cannot make Margaret move her legs in the right order but at present the physio thinks it helps even if only 5 or so metres.

  • Hi, I'm afraid this goes with the territory. Sorry to be so blunt!!! Have you tried him having a bottle by the bedside? Horrible thought I know, but oh to be back there now! The things I vowed never to allow, are common place in our household! If he can't manage that. It's going to have to be night pads, with VERY tight pants. It's the only thing I have found that works. S is going to measured for a convene tomorrow. Didn't think he would be able to wear one, but apparently there are special ones, that men with "little" problems can wear!

    Falling! Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be anything that can help with that. Keep floors as clear as possible, and supervise, supervise and then more supervision!!! but I am afraid, you still will have to pick him off the floor!

    Pills! I have a box, with each day and dose marked on it, which I fill each week, then, my iPad alarm goes off each time pills are due. More for me than S, but at least he know what to take, or others do, if I'm not around!

    Hope you feel better soon. Carers and sickness don't go together. Are you doing too much?

    Lots of love


  • hi Heady first of all do you know if the Dosset Box , The Pharmacy fills them ready for you I get them delivered in four weekly boxes each month .

    good luck with the sheath I know what you mean by size . John had great difficulty with it because his penis was retracted . We did use it for quite a while until it became impossible . I was worried another him e

    Wearing oafs he isn't incontinent . I didn't need to thought its. Been much better .

    audonnze get a bed grab rail . it slide between the base and mattress and is strapped tight . it will help getting into and out of bed also turning . I put grab rail on the door frames in every room John used . anything to keep safe ..

    unfortunately John is chair and bed bound now so doesn't need them . I do find them useful myself now though .. I have removed some though .

  • cabbagecottage, He is already in a hospital bed with rails. I figured why wait when I knew he would need one eventually. He hates it and keeps on telling me he doesn't need it but of course is using it. I also bought a box depends, which he doesn't need and a box of little pads, that he can just slide under his undies. Like what we used to wear when we had our periods a million years ago and were just starting them. They are sticky on one side so they stay in place and those I think, I hope he will use at night. Heady he is still strong enough to get to the bathroom but insists on going to the bigger one which is not in our bedroom. I have 2 grab bars in the small one along with a long bar so that he does not have to walk without something strong without having something to hold on it. As far as his meds, he still does not know when he has to take what. He might remember to take his Sinemet but not the correct dosage. Think I will get a pill box with an alarm, don't know what else to do. WTH is a sheath?

  • a sheath or also called convenes roll onto the or is and the end is attached to tubing which has a bag on the end to hold the urine . they are invaluable . Use the m day or night , the day ones you strap to the leg , has a tap which can open to empty and off you go again .

    Ypu sound like a girl after my own heart getting things in place before an accident . john also has a wheelie commode chair . 2e had a stair lift put it but he now isn't able to use it so the bed is downstairs . I have bought myself a three quarter bed . still upstairs , I have strapped a remote doorbell to the rail so that I can hear him if he needs me and also have got a baby monitor I can even hear him breathe

    that should read roll sheath onto the penis .

  • I asked th Go if he could help me with the sheah and bags , he arranged for the continence nurse or visit and they arrange deliveries for all we needed . they wee more at night because when youlat down urine goes into the bladder . I did start to raise johns legs more in the evening which helped him pass more before going to bed . I think I could write a good book of tips in the subject lol

  • TY for the education cabbagecottage. I sleep in a twin bed now, which is the only size I could get in the bedroom right next to his hospital bed. Not a very big room 12 X 16. Its a good thing I am little 5' tall, but I miss our queen size bed. Yes we are very much alike, I like to have my ducks in a row, so to speak, to be prepared as I can for the future. Wish Don wasn't so stubborn about the walker, drives me nuts. Memory issues drive me crazy to.

  • John has been really good at trying most things I have suggested but not the walker or stick he said he couldn't use it . I don't think he could he couldn't work out what to do . he could even work out how to use. Can opener lots of things like that ,So maybe some things he really isn't able to do . of course he could be just stubborn . Lol

  • Trying to figure out what Don can do and not do anymore is a challenge. He always did the wash for us since I never can lift anything heavy. I am finding he is throwing everything in the dryer including good shirts and stuff that I always hang up to dry. Told him he can put the stuff in the washer but has to wait for me before he puts anything in the dryer. Did not make him happy.

  • When we had the hospital bed up stairs o used to single bed from the smaller bedroom and gave my king away . Of course when the hospital came downstairs I had to put it back in the smaller room it wasn't really comfortable enough for me it's then I got the quarter bed I don't miss not having john as much as I might have in a bigger bed . .

    I do hope you don't think I am a know all lol . it's just when I find something that works so well with something we have struggled so badly with I want to share it . .

    by the way I like to learn how others cope , get round there difficulties .

  • Not a know it all at all. What works for you might work for someone else. Big help.

  • That is what I think . do you belong to Parkinsons UK . they send out magazine quarterly often have tips on the letters page .

  • Live in the US

  • Audonnz. There are all sorts of appliances you can use . there is one called a pubic pressure which is held on with straps around the waist . I have used one without the straps on to hold against John while in his chair . We cannot use a bottle now even for him . try Googling , convenes /bags or pubic pressure appliances .

  • Will do, Thanks cabbagecottage.

  • Hi Cabbagecottage, I agree the convenes are invaluable. I wasn't so happy last week though. I was feeling really unwell so was dozing in my recliner chair while C dozed in his. I awoke to the sound of running water. C, fully reclined on his chair, had put his foot up and opened the tap on the bag, emptying the contents all over his chair, trouser leg, sock, slipper and then onto the parquet flooring which was a nice smooth surface for it to create a large puddle which was slowly being absorbed by the curtain.

    I was not a happy bunny!


  • Oh NannaB, you have every reason to not be happy about that happening. Are the convenes something that is attached to his penis and empties into the bag? Not familiar with that.


  • Yes. The bag is strapped to the leg. Although we have had a few accidents, I wouldn't want to go back to pads.


  • Oh poor NannaB, Iwas told not to give one to B for that very reason.....This is first time I have heard sheath being recommended.


  • We have had a few accidents, e.g. I and the carers have forgotten to close the tap after emptying it, I forgot to check the bag and C urinated again so the flow forced the convene off a few times. Most mishaps have been someone fault not the fault of the convene. It gives us so much freedom as I wouldn't be able to change a pad in a public toilet as I have to use a hoist to lift my husband. I take screw top fabric softener bottles out with us and if necessary empty the bag before getting out of the car. I've emptied it in very public places as no one can see the little tube tucked into his sock. I use Comfort bottles with a floral cover so the urine can't be seen and there is no leakage from the screw top lid. I'd highly recommend it although I know not every man can wear them. The instruction booklet says there is a lock available to stop accidents so perhaps I better get one.


  • I have sometimes even forgotten to turn the Tao off Nanna . but that's my fault . It keeps them dry . it is only because Johns Penis has become so retracted it is more difficult to put on him and will slip off .

    there are probable men walking ask toy everyday wearing them but unless they tell you , you would not know.

  • past you .!

  • Wow NannaB, youre like a trapeze artist getting that thing ready for public!....You might want to send your testimony to the company....you might at least get a thank you and your letter on their site. At most you get a box of free convenes!

    "Dont' let it bring you down,

    It's only peepee flowing

    and only you are knowing

    that the convenes are around."

    from reprise of Don't Let It Bring You Down by Neil Young, 1970.

    Just a little funny to start the day...


  • That's clever AVB. I've just listened to the song on Utube as Ididn't know it and the words fit perfectly. I'm leaving to pick C up from the hospice day centre with a smile on my face.


  • ;)

  • I told John I was going to get a placard to go round my neck with. "WAIT " on it . Lol

  • Hah, good idea

  • TY all for understanding what is going on with Don. Th ot was here yesterday and we told him about the fall and he contacted our Dtr to let him know. Also the case manager I think. Since fortunately he didn't hurt himself, he refused to see anyone and I agreed with that. He does have a Dtr apt today for an ultra sound for another part of his body and causes him pain. Fortunately our daughter will be able to take him since I don't feel well enough to drive yet. Still trying to get through to him about using the walker. He just doesn't get it and I am so frustrated. Going back to bed now since he is sitting up on the sofa fast asleep. Trying to figure out what to take out for dinner, another thing that since I feel so rotten and my stomach is rebelling along with the UTI I have, that perhaps I will be strong enough to make and eat :( I know you all understand.



  • Do you have the stomach flu or is it more serious?

  • I have a UTI unfortunately but now my stomach is screwed up. Just spoke to Doc and he said to stop taking the med for that to see if my stomach gets better and call him back on Monday abirke.

  • AOh yuck, and yes the meds can kill good bacteria in the gut as well as the bad ones. leading to tummy troubles. I always heard eating yogurt was a good replacemtn for the good bacteria. AND lots and lots of water! We lose a liter a day in hot weather just sitting! So two liters a day helps flush the bad bacteria away!

    Good luck keep drinking water, eat yogurt (can't hurt) oh don't eat yeasty stuff....no donuts for a while .....hmmmthat one just popped into my head...must have heard it somewhere....

    Take care I'm off to my chiro about the knee....I can't even lift B off the floor with this dang injury....


  • Your right about yogurt AVB, but I am allergic to it for some reason. Spoke to Dtr office yesterday and they told me to stop taking the med for the UTI to see if it is causing my tummy to be upset. Have to call them on Monday. I do drink water, know I have to but feel weak as a kitten :( What happened to your knee?

  • Golly I'm out of ideas for your stomach....Time is all I know that may be the healer . I myself hate yogurt especially the old fashioned kind that did not have sugar, fruit and dyes to make it more palatable!

    Oh my knee.....some weeks ago my husband was up on his midnight run He may have been sleep walking as he was bumping into everything. Well as he was done peeing he turned away from the toilet which I was now standing infront of to guide him etc, He decided to reach backward for a hanky and naturally fell... over....on... me...like a tree...right into the side of my knee...It collapsed sideways into the toilet and

    there I lay in urine soaked vinyl flooring in absolute agony...could not move for 10 minutes....Audrey it was the worst pain....I still can't put my weight on it and chiro....not helping much(?) I don't know.....but

    one good thing, the kids who built my deck also mowed the lawn and burned old limbs etc....

    What a blessing....Grass was thigh high and I just could not get to it......Thank you Methodist church youth ministries!

    So you and I are a pair to draw to eh hahahhah


  • What a mess we are. Spent the whole day in bed, did not eat lunch and neither did Don. Just ate the leftovers I made yesterday and immediately went into the toilet. Stomach getting worse, so I am going to drink a lot of water I hope. Don is getting more and more tired. Meant to call the neur today but....... Did you see you Dtr about your kneee?

  • Yes it just aches. It;s really my sciatic wrapped on the outside of my knee that is giving me fits. Will you call dr about your stomach tomorrow, If you are off the antibiotics, shouldn't stomach start responding? I;m mean at least not getting worse....call dr......and take milk o magnesia......(?)

    And read poem wrote on JMHKs post. its by dylan thomas....its beautiful...

  • Heady has it right about meal making make for four and freeze the rest!

    In the US we have 3 fast foods every on corner. Mom's don't EVEN cook anymore....were all giving way to obesity and its many problems! Oh well I digress.

    Hope youre feeling better today , Audrey

  • That is what I do when I am feeling better abirke. Fortunately Don is not picky about what he eats and will eat the same thing for dinner 2 or 3 days in a row. Still feel lousy today. Will talk to Dtr tomorrow and see what he says. the other issue is getting anywhere when I don't feel well enough to drive. Our daughter is off for the summer, she is a teacher and is now bitching about taking him or me to the Dtr. or anywhere else. She has 3 kids of her own and I feel so guilty about asking her to do anything for us. I don't have anyone else to ask. Hired a taxi to take Don to the Dtr and it cost us $10 one way. She wasn't available to take him there but could pick him up. I am so frustrated :(.

  • DAUGHTERS....I feel so guilty what I must've put my mom through......

    Get this, My daughter does not have the time of day to sit with her father for a couple hours while I go out (errands not dating haha) so I leave him alone ,.....he can handle 2 hours max. .... then, she flits off to Florida, where she assumes that I would be taking care of her cat. After 4 or5 days of sunshine and bliss she asks me how cat is doing...."I'm sure it is fine" I state ........and then she starts yelling at me (via text but I can hear the snarky in her voice) about how she wouldve gotten someone else to take care of the half- rodent if I wasn't going to do it....I did not know I was supposed to!!!!!!!! Oh boy, Father/cat. Let's see, which one is more important?????? ok that's enough Andrea! I will leave with this my daughter is a wonderful being who has miles to go before she sleeps.....


  • abirke, We took care of their 3 kids for 10 or more years, so that they could both work. Pay backs are a bitch. Oh yes when we were building a house for all of us to make things easier for her, she wouldn't have to bring them to us, they sold their house and brought us one of their dogs to take care of to boot. So we had 3 kids, our 3 dogs plus theirs. Talk about a full house. Biggest mistake I ever made moving in and living all together. Her husband only spoke to us when he wanted or needed something. Needless to say that was impossible. They will be going on vacation next week and I need a bulb changed in our great room. Have been asking her for weeks. Our house will be very dark if the other one goes.

    Auddonz aka Audrey

  • Wait they are liveing with you and still can't help out....? Where do you live, I'll come and change your frickin light bulb...ok I;m in a hot spot right now I feel like I can flare up at any time.... I think I will go clean my house and smash some old freakin "collectables" My mother so inadvertently willed to me....

    I'm out,

    Audrey know you are not alone....well maybe you are ...you still have a light bulb that needs changing.....oh and I can't come today I have a freakin cat I have to deflea....!!!!!!!!hahahaha (How To Get Out of Committments 101) OMG where are those collectibles


  • No, we bought a small cottage for ourselves 2 years ago and moved out. The house they live in is 3000 sq feet under air, plus pool, etc. You are much younger than I am and I am freakin frustrated at the moments. Couldn't afford to live in that house. YELLING IN MY HEAD.


  • Hi Audrey,

    My freezer is full of food. I have adopted the "cook once, eat twice routine.". You won't regret it! It's just as easy to cook for four, as it is two. I make sure I portion it out correctly. Then when I really don't feel like cooking, or I'm ill, there is always a meal waiting. I have to say, it's very satisfying, when you use the frozen meal. Nice home cooked meal, without the fuss!!! I also keep a few one portion meals, if only one of us is eating, for whatever reason!

    I tried for ages to get S on a Walker, I think now he is using one, he wishes he had started earlier. He walks SO much better, is able to go further. If he had used it earlier, he would be much better with it, than he is now, it's almost too late. Can't really work out how to go through doors etc!!!

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Lots of love


  • That is what I try to do Heady, cook for more than 1 meal. But the way I feel now, the only thing I want to do is rest. I managed to cook his favorite meal with a lot left over for at least 2 meals since he fell asleep at the table. Another issue he has is sleeping most of the day. He says he has never felt so tired. Do you have that issue or does anyone else? Also gets nauseous, so I give him ice to suck on. Med or PSP?

    Lots of love back,


  • Hi Audrey, sounds as if a trip to the doctors for both of you, is In order! But for the moment, if he is sleeping, so should you be. REGARDLESS of what needs doing!!!!

    Thinking of you and sending extra large hug.

    Lots of love


  • Food parcels to Devon always welcome Heady

  • Yeah right!!!!!

  • TY Heady, I needed that. He went to the Doc today, our daughter took him and I am in touch with him by phone. I never did get to nap but will try extra hard today.

    Love back,


  • `a great set ofcomments fm you all audrey/ heady and /avb

    i have just read them all and i am privileged to be part of this online community = your probs. are so much greater than mine = at the moment

    food parcels are a good way of bringing the country to you are they not??

    don't rememberWWII as i was born in 1946 but i do remember that the Canadians sent us food parcels during the war so why not again?

    it was prob. said tongue in cheek but meant well.......i guess

    lol jIll

    hugs and xxx to you all on this wet sunday in june

  • What problems jillannf6? Just part of what is called life. :) Now if someone could make it a little easier.

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