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Falling at night after getting up out of the bed

I got up last night during the night and took three steps, and suddenly could feel myself falling over backwards. This has happened a couple of times, and it worries me. I am 59 years old and currently having some back pain problems. I had an MRI a couple of weeks ago that showed I have a slight ruptured disc that the doctor feels is the culprit, plus a little degenerative disc. I'm to have a shot in my back this Friday to help with the back pain. The disc is in the L4, L5 region. I called my doctor today to see if he thought this could cause me to suddenly starting falling over backwards. He said I just need to make sure I start the shots on Friday and to let him know how I feel in about a week. Has anyone else had this backward falling suddenly start? I never feel dizzy or anything, just can feel myself falling backward and can't do anything to stop it. Thanks for any answers.

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Hello, have you been diagnosed with an illness apart from back pain or did you find this site by googling falling backwards. This site deals with PSP where one of the symptoms is falling backwards but there can be other reasons for this and you are being seen by the doctor so speak to him. If you have noticed other symptoms, tell him your concerns.

I hope the injections work and the pain is relieved and the falls stop soon but if they continue, ask for further investigations.

Best wishes.

Nanna B



Hi NannaB

That is the way I was diagnosed. I had lots of scans at the hospital and they all came back negative except the DAT scan which showed I was beginning with Parkinsons. All the hospital staff have been wonderful. It is very worrying though. Keep your chin up and let us know how you get on.


The only real way to find out that if your falling backward is something other than what your back doctor has said...You will need a neurologist to help you discover if there is more than ruptured disks...not anything to sneeze about...but if you are worried that what you have read here or elsewhere, is what you might also have, then find a neurologist who understands PSP. I pray the shots help you.

Good luck,



If the falling continues or you notice any other symptoms then back to your GP and ask for a referral to a neurologist. Sooner rather than later. God bless.


Hi there MK, I agree with everything everyone else on this site has told you - one thing I am curious about ...whereabouts in the world do you live???? on a personal note, as someone who has received a diagnosis of PSP, 12 months ago, I have to say that this site would have to be one of the most supportive and friendly sites I have ever encountered!!!! (not that I have encountered many at all!!!). But seriously I do strongly support the notion that if you ever want to discuss anything regarding symptoms etc of PSP, then this would be the website to come to for support!!! and the other thing I do want to strongly endorse, is getting another opinion eg from a neurologist if you are concerned at all re the falls, or if you have any other symptoms...the other question if I may, is to ask you your age (and feel free to choose not to answer this question!!).




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