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i have had an exciting morning = taxi to dentist for check up - teeth good despite my last check up when i had had 2 falls on my face and teeth = last DECEMBER = so good news as no more falls on the face since then and the teeth are good

i have 2 excellent 4 wheel frames for use outside and am never without my stick as my balance is so poor

AMANTADINE may be helping

i also have some great knee pads to protect my knees when i do fall )(always fwd never backward)


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Hi Jill,

Glad your teeth are OK despite the falls on your face!

Where did you get your knee pads from? They sound like a great idea to help reduce injuries from falling.



hi helen

i got them from the local DW STORE,made by MCDAVID - i think 4 break dancing ( i wish)

can be bought online as well!



Hi Jill

I now have a lovely vision of you breakdancing with the frames :) It's great that you're doing so well. I've always been boosted by your posts on the forum and think you'd be enormous fun to spend time with

All best wishes



Hi all

been to a local Parkinsons meeitng in town today = v positive and one of the carers provided a superb buffet to celebrate her golden weddng anniversar#

Then in the same building to a "singing 4 pleasusre" group[ i i have had probelsm clapping and wiht rhythm but the experience was reaoly good

so not falllen since monday and Fingers crossed i will not for a couple more says.

.see the gp tomorrow to keep on with the amantadine

and thanks to the Psp nurse 4 sugggesitng it

jill x

ps my typing is v dyslexic a 1 hand is stronger than the other - excuse it plz


thanks fFiona 4 your positive comments

i shalll get a photo on htis blog at some point

how did you get yours on?

love jill xx


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