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access to parkinsons uk information and support worker

hi all

Any body that hasnt got access to a parkingsons information

and support worker then they need to get it, if there is one

thing i would not be able to go with out then that is it, My psw

from colchester gill salt has been brilliant for me you need anything

done or sorted out shes the person to ask dosent matter how big or small

problem its done i dont think i would be where i am today if it wasnt for

the support i recive from gill.

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PSP Nurse Specialists are a great help too and the Community Matron for Neurology has been invaluable to our family.


hi hmfsli

yes the psp nurse specialists are very good i can only get

to speak to them by phone or at the support meetings i belive

they are trying to recruite more nurses so they will be able to

do house calls, i dont have access to a community matron

for neurology im glad that they have been a big help to your



Thanks Ray. Really useful information. The list of national Parkinsons UK Information and Support Workers can be found at :


Hi Ray,

So glad you have the support of a good PSW. Our experience of the PD specialist nurse has been less helpful and she was very patronising to Mum the first time we met :-(


hi kathy

sorry to hear you have had trouble with pd

specialist did you put a complaint in about

this, as ive said my psw and pdns couldnt

have been more helpfull.


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