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Spam and HealthUnlocked

Spam and HealthUnlocked

There have been some concerns raised about the security on HealthUnlocked and if spam postings would be able to get through.

Many forums on the internet have suffered from ‘spam’ (like junk mail but shared online, usually to sell products and services). There are very clever computer programmes, so called spambots (, that search the internet looking for places to spam. Our HealthUnlocked communities require a valid email address to complete a verification process and most spambots don’t have this. This setting means that spambots don’t get over this hurdle and so the blogs and questions stay free of their spam. To overcome this, a spambot would have to have a programme designed specifically to overcome the HealthUnlocked validation process and this is very unlikely.

If a member joins our HealthUnlocked community and tries to use their posted content to promote a particular service or product and you suspect it may be a marketing ploy, please use the ‘report abuse’ button so that we can take action on the community’s behalf.

I hope this helps with any concerns you may have.



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Thanks Debbie.

I'ts also worth mentioning that this is a fully secure site and whilst your posts are public, your details (i.e email addresses) are never shared with others and you can remain as anonymous if you wish...get as creative as you like with your pseudonyms!


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