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pee pee (peter)

following my last post my stepdad has had three bad falls one on sunday i took him to A&E he fell face first on the disabled slope leading to the front door, my mum is getting more and more emotional she needs help now, but she feels she has failed she so hasnt , going to the docs tomorrow for an assesment for peter to look into atleast one day week of help for mum, psp affects the whole family i hate it.....

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So sorry to hear that Peter has had several bad falls. Please tell your Mum it is absolutely not a failure to get help.

Have you contacted Social Services to see what help they can provide; carers, respite, day centre, etc? If you can get a care manager or an OT to come and visit they may be able to offer suggestions and access to various services too. Your Mum is also entitled to a Carer's Assessment from Social Services and I believe you can self-refer for those.

(On a side note it may be worth getting your Mum to go and see the Dr on her own account to see if there is anything they can do for her)


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