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Atropine Drops

Tony was recently prescribed Atropine drops under the tongue to help dry excessive secretions in the mouth. Having used them occasionally I can report that the results have been very encouraging. If anyone else is troubled by dribbling, please ask your GP about Atropine. It has certainly helped Tony.

And so the battle goes on................. I hate PSP more every day. It wrecks the lives not only of the sufferer but whole families. I hope that PSP Awareness week will bring in lots of money to help with research to help treat or cure this horrid, horrid disease.

Stay strong everyone.....thinking of you all out there.

SuzieQ xxxx

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Hi Suzie,

Glad to hear the Atropine is helping :-)

I shared the link about "A million to beat PSP" on Facebook. One person who had never heard of it before asked me lots of questions about it and I was talking to someone at work about it this week too, so that's 2 more people who have at least now heard of PSP!! All we can do is keep going, keep trying to spread the word.

Love to you and Tony

Take care

Kathy xxx


Hi Suzie

That's good news for Tony. In the end dad had the patches behind his ears which really helped reduce the saliva but at the same time they did have some side effects. The drops sound really positive.

Take care and I send hugs to you both

Lesley x


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