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Oh my sweet Momma

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I have not been on here ... I am just lost. My sweet Momma is fading friends. I am sitting her bedside as I write -- in the quiet. Her swallowing has slowed down to very little each day, and I am not getting much down at all. My heart is shredding ... As much as I thought I was ready for this, I am not. Please whisper prayers.

58 Replies
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exactly how I felt, hang in there, sitting with her as much as you can will help you both.

Lots of love hugs and prayers xxxxx

Hdee profile image

I’m whispering prayers and sending you love. I’m so sorry you’re both having to go through this xxx

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Oh Kim, this is the worst of times & nothing can be said to make you feel better but you are in my thoughts & prayers. May you all know that special peace that surpasses all understanding. With my love XxxX

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Thinking of you Kim. I remember that feeling so well. Big hug from Jean x xx

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Dear Kim, my heart goes out to you. I hope you are not doing the day to day care anymore, as I have said before, it’s time to just be her daughter now. Nothing else matters, for her or you.

Sending very large hug and much love

Lots of love


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love hugs and 🙏 prayers Thinking of you. Xxx

honjen43 profile image

Oh Kim! Think of you both often and have read through your silence.Yes. Hang in there by her side for as long as you can. Do what you can for your lovely Momma while she can swallow.

I have been there when it fails. Say your goodbyes while you can.

I am praying for you both.

Farewell to your strong, determined and beautiful mum from me!

Big hugs to you both.


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Im the one with CBD but lost my own mother 8 weeks ago not to COPD . I sat in the hospital with her everyday and nights when the staff would let me .I whispered in her ear all the best times I had growing up and how loved she made me feel It’s all you can do is just be there with her . Nothing can prepare you for the last breath but you being with her will be such a comfort to you both .. sending love and hugs ❤️

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Sending heartfelt hugs and whispered prayers for you, Kim, and Momma too.


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My heart goes out to you and your Momma. Prayers always...Hugs

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Whispering payers for you both lovely lady. One cannot ever be really prepared for it espcially when you have given her so much love and time and still are giving. Please try to eat yourself even if it is little and often. Big hug AliBee x

Mixee profile image

sorry to hear that God bless

LostinHeadSpace profile image

Oh Kim, sorry to hear this! Whispering prayers for both of your hearts.

Kasenda profile image

Praying for you both. May you know His peace.

GAS-25 profile image

Sending you both my love and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers x

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Dear Kim my heart is breaking for you, I remember this time so clearly it is so hard. Just keep talking to your dear sweet momma and hold her close. When the time is right and you will know when make sure she knows that you will be ok and that she is free to be ok. Tears are flowing as I write this, it’s so hard. You are both in my thoughts and prayers. Sending you both so much love and hugs. Love Sarahx

MARKJ9 profile image

Sorry to hear that. But, we are never ready for this. Painful to watch people near to us as they slip into this state. I remember my dad's struggles. Make sure that she is not choking on her food. When that happens, some of it will go into her lungs resulting in aspirational pneumonia. That was my dad's end stage. There is little we can do other than be by their side and make them feel loved and cared for. I wish her peace. And, I wish you strength.

Afar profile image

Sending you warm hugs of strength and love. You are an amazing daughter. xx

Wigwambob profile image

Loving thoughts and prayers for you and your lovely Mum. Hold her tightly and stay strong. Sylvie.xx

AnneandChris profile image

Dear Kim

Sending gentle prayers and hugs from afar. No one could have done more than you have for your darling Mom. Take heart from that as she moves into the final stages of this devastating disease.

Huge hugs Anne x

bichonbear1 profile image

My thoughts and prayers are with you xx

Motts profile image

SendingHugs & Prayers... Granni B

Runner333 profile image

Praying for you and your mom. Strength and peace for you and peace and comfort for your mom. Your mom must be so proud of you. You continue to remind me that loving care honors the ones we love so much. Hugs for you and your mom. Love Linda

AJK2001 profile image

Thoughts are with you both. Just think how much comfort your Momma must gain from knowing you are with her, may that knowledge give you fortuitude for the coming days.

Hugs to you both xxx

MRSYafffle profile image

Sending love your way xx

Doublereeder profile image

Whispering prayers of peace, love and strength to you Kim, your mum and the family at this difficult time x

Sebuly14 profile image

sending warm hugs to you and your Momma.

Purrlie profile image

Sending hugs and love to two amazing women. May you both be comforted. Purrlie

bazooka111 profile image
bazooka111 in reply to Purrlie

Thank you Purrlie -- I appreciate you --- Im sitting bedsides with her right now -- oh how my heart weeps watching her struggle. Hugs Kim

Stephanielayell82 profile image

Sending prayers to you both!

bazooka111 profile image
bazooka111 in reply to Stephanielayell82

Thank you so very much Kim

Dance1955 profile image

So sorry you’re going through this hugs to you 🙏😍xx

bazooka111 profile image
bazooka111 in reply to Dance1955

Thank you for your support xo Kim

Cinderella80 profile image

So sorry for what you and your mum are going through. Iots of prayers coming your way. I know how you feel. Lots of love to you and your beautiful mum. 🌹

bazooka111 profile image
bazooka111 in reply to Cinderella80

Thank you so much for your support for so long -- she is tired. I love her so much -- so very hard xo Kim

GoGreen profile image

You have done such a beautiful job with your dear Mom. May God bless you and comfort you at this very difficult time!! She looks so young and beautiful after all she has been through! Praying for you!

bazooka111 profile image
bazooka111 in reply to GoGreen

Thank you friend -- this has been a hard journey -- we are taking each day as a gift. xo Kim

Troubleandstrife profile image

you are not alone.

bazooka111 profile image
bazooka111 in reply to Troubleandstrife

Thank you .. I feel the support xo

Lara_2004 profile image

My heart goes out to you both Kim. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

bazooka111 profile image
bazooka111 in reply to Lara_2004

Thank you Lara--- my heart needed these messages tonight.

Zerachiel profile image

You are both in my prayers, keep strong. 🙏

bazooka111 profile image
bazooka111 in reply to Zerachiel

Thank you so very much ((hugs))

LuisRodicioRodicio profile image

A big hug Kim.


bazooka111 profile image
bazooka111 in reply to LuisRodicioRodicio

Thank you Luis ((hugs)) I appreciate you in so many ways over the years.

T-val profile image

I have been thinking about you a lot as we are both at a similar stage on this cruel journey. Thoughts and prayers are with you, may the strength you have shown so far stay with you when you need it the most. Big hugs xxx

bazooka111 profile image
bazooka111 in reply to T-val

Thank you so very much -- this has been such a hard journey, and feeling helpless. How are you doing? ((hugs))

T-val profile image
T-val in reply to bazooka111

Very much the same as you Kim. Mum still having some good days (hours) though so we are making the most of them while we can. Her weight loss has been rapid recently too as she's not eating much at all. I hope you find some comfort knowing there are so many people on here thinking about you, knowing exactly what you are going through. Sending lots of love. Tracie xx

bazooka111 profile image
bazooka111 in reply to T-val

Tracie -- I sit bedside tonight with my sweet Momma. She can no longer swallow food, and ice chips now for two days. She has lost all her weight -- lots of difficulty in mucus build up -- my heart is shredding tonight. Hugs to you - Kim

Richard33 profile image


We are all thinking of you. You are such a force for good on this forum. We all wish there was something we could do......... we are all sending love.

Richard x

bazooka111 profile image
bazooka111 in reply to Richard33

Richard -- your words. I appreciate your kindness --- Im sitting here in the dark, bedside -- tears just flow --- the support of everyone on this forum has been my go to all these years. Deepest of gratitude --- ((hugs)) xo Kim

Katiebow profile image

Dear Kim, it’s so hard to witness the decline of someone you love so dearly. At the end of the day we all have to face up to the fact that we are not immortal and when the time comes it is an honour to support the person you hold so dear, as their life slips away. I felt very honoured to have been there for my husband in the knowledge I had tried my very best to make his life as good as it could be and I know for sure that he was grateful that I was there to offer the love and support he deserved.

You have been such a rock for your dear Mom and she too will be feeling the love and support you have always showered her with. It may be that she is tired of the difficult last few years she has endured and happy to leave the suffering, I think that’s how I would feel at this stage of the disease.

I hope this message is of comfort to you.

Sending love

Kate xx

bazooka111 profile image
bazooka111 in reply to Katiebow

Thank you so much Kate -- my heart breaks more everyday -- i will post an update. It has been an uphill climb. xo Kim

honjen43 profile image

My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

Big hugs to you both!


bazooka111 profile image
bazooka111 in reply to honjen43

Thank you Jen - ((hugs))

Dickwin profile image


I have been thinking about you and your Momma. I hope and pray you are doing as well as can be. You have been such an outstanding carer for your Momma, and she has been such a great patient. Just stay close to her and let her no how much you love her.

Hugs and prayers for both of you. Hang in there.


bazooka111 profile image

Hi Dick -- Thank you for reaching out to me. We are hanging in there as best as we can. She isn't taking much down -- it breaks my heart. Ice chips, some yogurt today (not much), pureed applesauce like pouches that I've stocked up on ... she is no longer able to use a straw --- she has lost so much weight -- skin and bones at this point. I just dont know how long her body can keep doing this. Again, thank you for checking in -- my heart is shredding every day. ((hugs)) Kim

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