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Life starts again


Once again my Devon hedgerows are coming to life. Swathes of snowdrops ,bright cheerful daffodils ( how do they get there ) and the first primroses , the great mass which carpet the banks yet to follow . In these difficult and dark times nature is unperturbed and carries on as though the world is just the same . Up on the village playing fields is an ancient, giant oak tree , it is apparently one of the oldest oaks in the country , well over 800 years old .I sometimes stand under it and look up through the trellis work of branches and wonder what it makes of it all . Think of the things it has survived , civil wars , plagues , world wars , pestilence , you name it , it has seen it all . It will be here long after we have all become just memories .

This evening I went for a stroll passing through the Churchyard , graves speckled with more snowdrops ,on my way to a favourite view on the outskirts of the village . There is a five bar gate which looks over a huge field which sinks down voluptuously into the valley below . It faces West and this evening I arrived at the gate just as the sun was setting behind glowering grey black clouds which were capping Dartmoor. It created a rim of gold with great shafts of light streaming heavenward . Transitory - yes , lasting as a memory - definitely .

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A wonderful picture painted in words - thank you Georgepa.

Oh George, it’s so good to read your wonderful description of your lovely area again. I hope you are OK. Think of you often.❤️XxxX

Georgepa in reply to NannaB

Hi Bev .. hope you are coping ok , sir you are you were always the calmest in the storm whilst the rest of us floundered . Take care of yourself Love


NannaB in reply to Georgepa

I’m OK George and thankfully keeping well. Am very excited today as I have booked to have my jab. I’m not 70 yet so was very surprised to receive the letter. I’ve chosen to go a bit further than I needed, Ore near Hastings, where I went a lot with Colin. I decided that if I am allowed to travel away from home for a legitimate reason, I’m going to make a day of it with fish & chips and a walk along the prom. Just hope it’s not snowing by then. It’s so good to have something to look forward to 😀. Keep safe George.XxxX

How very lovely to read the above post, there is life as well as Covid and the countryside will be here for years to come. Keep the writing George. It will cheer us all. Jx

Oh George I love your posts, I can just imagine I am there next to you, sounds wonderful. Hope you are keeping well? I so love snowdrops I love spring with all the wonderful flowers, my daughter brought me in a bunch of daffodils and a bunch of tulips they look so lovely on my kitchen table. Best wishes and a massive hug George. Xxxxx

Hi Yvonne old friends meet again ! I am fine hope you are doing ok

I am ok thank George, bored but keeping safe finding lots of jobs to do. I hope when all this is over we can all meet again for a big celebration xxxx keep safe George big hugs Yvonne xxxx

Oh George - a reminder of normality. Beautiful description as always. I can just see it all. If only I could get out to experience it too.Hope all is well for you. Love from Jean xxx

Georgepa in reply to doglington

All is well with me Jean , funnily enough having gone through PSP which kind of constituted a lockdown on life this lockdown almost doesn’t register if that makes any sense . Hope you are ok .Stay safe Love


Very nice writing, Georgepa. I felt like I was right there with you witnessing the beauty you saw as you walked in your neighborhood. Thanks for letting us all tag along!

Good to catch up with you again, Georgepa! Love your descriptive passages. You bring the sight to us so vividly and remind me of my early days, in the woods at Forest of Dean.Also spent a number of holidays in Devon, both as a child and more recently (2013).

Must feel like coming out of hibernation! Pleased you are well. Stay safe!

Big hug!

Jen xxx

Beautiful ❤️

Thank you, so descriptive of one of my favourite places in the West Country. I too hve crocus, primroses and snowdrops out in my garden. A portent of better times. Keep safe and well.

Anne xx

You paint the picture so well, I feel I've been on your village stroll with you. Thank you for sharing, up in the North West snowdrops are beginning to come out but otherwise you are ahead of us.

Love your post and good to hear from you. How are you keeping in these horrible times? xx

Thank you. I needed this grounding after a bad night with the husband. A little minute to imagine I'm somewhere else. X x x

Heady in reply to Jellybenz

Jellybean, treasure that precious minute. In our PSP world, that’s quite a long time!

Sending big hug and much love

Lots of love


Spring is in the Air!!! George is back writing.

I don’t know how you do it George, but you always manage to pop up here at the right moment. I know tomorrow, winter will be back in full force, but today we can dream of better times, that we will survive the dark times we are all in. Thank you.

Hope you are well, one day we might even be allowed to see each other again.

Sending big hug and much love

Lots of love


Georgepa in reply to Heady

Hi Anne - alive and kicking and I am sure that things will improve as we will meet up .Lots of love George

Thank you for this positive message! More snow today, but I can imagine the snowdrops peeking thru soon!

Wonderful. So looking forward to spring, I can see it in my mind's eye already.


Hi George as usual your writing is so descriptive and colourful that I can close my eyes and picture being there admiring your lovely countryside. Hope you are keeping well.

Lots of love

Marion xx

Thank you for sharing you wonderful words. I feel like l tagged along on your walk... so good to escape the house on this freezing morning (while sitting in my easy chair enjoying my first cup of coffee). Sending hugs... Granni B

Thank you for this beautiful snapshot of spring in Devon.

Oh George, your posts always feel like a warm gift. It’s wonderful to imagine your colorful tapestry of spring, although right now I’m rejoicing in a peaceful and simple winter palette of black and white and fir green. There is a surprising depth of snow here at Henry’s retreat in the mountains and I will be snowshoeing and skiing a bit before I head back to town, this afternoon. First another cup of coffee by the fire. Can we be on the same planet?

Hi.George..lovely to hear your description of the lanes of Devon. Hope alls well with you. Keep entertaining us with your writing....stay safe...Brenda xxx

Hello George, wonderful to hear from you and read your thoughts - always a special pleasure. I hope you are keeping well. lots of love Maddyx

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