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Carers and self-health maintenance

Just a brief summery of events. I had out-patient surgery yesterday to remove a ganglion cyst near my ankle bone. It had been there about 3 yrs and I probably should have it looked it long ago but I kept blowing it off since not causing any pain .The last few months I'd get a feeling of stepping on a nail that would last minutes to hours. Saw a doctor, discussed options and had it removed. I had ignored it long enough for the cyst to "eat away" some of the ankle bone and now have 2 pins in my foot.

The moral here is look after yourselves also. I didn't heed my own advice out of concern I'd get laid up and not be able to care for dad. If I had gone to doctor sooner I may have been able to avoid surgery, which does have me off my feet for next 4 days....

Live and Learn


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I had one of those when I was 21. The surgeon took it out using a local anesthetic. A very odd sensation having one’s bone scrapped while conscious. I could feel the vibration going up my leg of my leg.


Good Morning Ron! Your message is an important one to be heeded by all... but then the buts come marching in... but l cannot now - who would ??? Been there - done that!

Hope all goes well with your mending & healing.

Sending healing hugs... Granni B

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Ron welcome to the land of the falling apart! I had my plaster off my wrist 2 days ago. I now have a splint and have to do exercises! I have an appointment for physio on 10th January! Dreading that to be honest. Anyway doing the dreaded exercises so hopefully will be a bit better by 10th.

You are lucky you went when you did or your ankle might have been in a worse state! No doubt you will have exercises to do to? I would never have thought that could happen you know?

I am sure Patrick won't mind me telling you but he has managed to sprain his wrist badly. So like me he is in a splint! Poor man as if he hasn't enough to contend with?

Ron's message is very timely for everyone. We are not getting any younger?!

Marie x


Good Morning Marie

I am so glad the plaster is off & you are able to begin exercising. Take it is easy at first & follow your instructions closely. My mother in law & l did our exercises together years ago... her shoulder - my wrist... we had a good time saying ouch ... misery loves company. (Not really!) But if you have a broken friend it can be less painful & boring. Best Wishes in the coming year... Granni B

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Granni B some exercises seem to be working but are certainly painful to do! Plus I seem to be allergic to the fabric in the splint! I have had to buy some anti itch cream and put cotton wool around the edges of the splint! I still have a swollen hand and until that goes down I can't see if the bones have set properly! So a real adventure.

You were lucky to have an exercise buddy! My cousin told me to take the exercise easy too but the hospital gave me exercises some of which are really beyond me at the moment! Tiny steps eh?

Marie x

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