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First anniversary

First anniversary of being on this site today. Joined a year ago after some lurking. So glad I did. Nice to have a place to come to where everyone knows what it is like to deal with these diseases.

Looking at my posts over the year. A lot of concern being voiced by me. The concern is still there but I don’t feel like I am stumbling around in the dark as much have this place to check on other people’s experiences.

Thanks to everyone who is on here.

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Jeff hard to believe it's so long. Well most of us are still here or pop on every so often. People who were on a year ago for the most part are still here. I think of you all as my friends.

Hugs to you.

Marie x

in reply to Marie_14

I thought it had been longer then a year. Years go by so fast now.

It is an freindship network. A most appreciated one.

Good Morning Jeff

I guess this not the kind of Anniversary that I should say Congrats. . . But in a way I believe it is. . . Because if you are like me this place has been a life-line to finding answers to our questions and moral support from folk who have a greater understanding of what life has handed us on a Silver Platter.

Thanks for the information you have shared with me on this site and I want you to know that I am honored to call you My UNDERSTANDING FRIEND.

Sending Hugs - Granni B

in reply to Motts

Thanks. Where would we be without this? More crazy then we already are I suppose.

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Motts in reply to

Crazy moments only help to realize that we are sane most of the time or is that vice-versa. I went to dr yesterday and will be given a handicap card for our car - crazy thing is I am kind of excited about it . . . DARN IT TO HE_ _ !

Sending Hugs - Granni B

Jeff the year has gone so quick, love reading your posts, sending you both a big hug. What would we do without this site? Yvonne xxxxx

in reply to Yvonneandgeorge

I don’t know where I would be without this site.

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raincitygirl in reply to Motts

Hey - you gotta enjoy any benefit that comes with this cr_ppy disease!! The blue badge is a nice bit of convenience, and of course you'll be happy to get it! I was kind of sad to give ours back to the authority after G died...

Cheers, Granni xx

Anne G.

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Motts in reply to raincitygirl

Thanks Ann - you are so very right. Sending you HUGS - Granni B


Happy Anniversary and I'm glad you are here.

Y'know it is a bit like being in the dark... The help here has helped me illuminates the bit of the journey I'm on. That's enough to get by

I just wish I could find the damned light switch! ;)

Thanks for being here too.

in reply to Kevin_1

I’m glad you are here as well.

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Tippyleaf in reply to Kevin_1

Individually most of us in the dark but sharing together is so very helpful if only we could all find that light switch !!!

Time flies by and occasionally we even have fun!!!

Take care Jeff

Love Tippy

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Kevin_1 in reply to Tippyleaf


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nina72 in reply to Kevin_1

i use night lights around the house, that help a lot , the sun bother a lot . but the eye dr said everything is OK , i only have dry eyes , but the sunlight bother a lot , try the night lights they are great and the electricity don't go up.

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Kevin_1 in reply to nina72

Hi Nina

You sound like your on top of things... Sunglasses indoors?

That helps my Liz a lot.

Have you tried eye lubricants?

I can give you a list of possibles to try for that.

Waving and strength to you :)


Isn't it great to belong here? Happy Anniversary :-)

The year belonging here compared to the time before is like having ground under your feet, compared to spinning wildly in space, right?


Anne G.

in reply to raincitygirl

So true.

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