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Another Fall!


Well I just got Ch into bed after one of the worst falls he has had. Again it is amazing that he did not break any bones or cuts, But one holy bump on the head. The loudest bang. It is lucky the walls of this old Queensland house are so tough and yet being made of wood must yield a bit.

He was getting out of his wheelchair and used the table as leverage. I think that his balance went and his legs would not work. I let him lie on the floor having put his head on the pillow and rest before we attempted the standing activity. The most difficult one we have had. I feel worn out with it all.

This just cant go on but it does. It is lucky he has such strong bones but I don't think that we'll manage the early morning exercise class. A sleep-in is on the plan. Thanks for listening. cheers ... val

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Has your physical therapy showed you how to use a chair to get him up off the floor? It does require him to get on his knees to use the chair for support to get up. I’ve used it a few times to get Larry off the floor.

Then there is some kind of air mat that the person is rolled onto then inflated to get them up enough to get them up.

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Yes thanks Jeff, we used a chair, actually the difficulty is usually getting him to roll over to get onto his hands and knees. We did manage but every time , almost everyday, it is a frightening procedure. You know... "I should have been watching him and standing close by". No it isn't a guilt trip. If I had been there helping he would probably have got a bit cranky. I just wanted to share with those who understand. I don't know too much about concussion though it was a big bang. ... v

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I’m accused of hovering. I do. Larry can go over in the blink of an eye. It’s like having a 2 year old. The only reason he hasn’t fallen more than he has is my hovering.

George has bashed his head really badly so many times but has not split it open, he really hurt his head black eye really bad, nurse at the hospital asked him quite a few times how he did it, I think they thought it was me!!!!!! Yvonne xxxx hope you get your lay in xxxxx

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Yes it is hard sometimes to know the difference between hovering and independence. v

I think we all have been there Val, you're right. Frightening! They just can't judge their balance or coordination :-( We used the chair, the low wide step stool (...never thought of the single aero bed ...inflating it like one of those "Elk" lifts, until now!..)

I have heard one or two members talk about bicycle helmets to protect their loved ones' heads from concussion. Don't think my G ever would have accepted that, but it's an idea.

How is he today? Should his GP check him out because of the head bump?

Anne G.

Well he uses a helmet outside but we had just finished the evening meal, He sits in a wheelchair to make it easier to get close to the table but we have noted that it has a protruding front wheel which has become a nuisance. It was quite late and he doesn't think he needs to see a doctor about the bump. However he might go because of the sore arm he did the other day. No obvious bruises just some good cuts and scratches on the knees.

He sounds pretty tough :-) 👍

Dear Val

I do sympathise with you Chris has had some horrendous falls which have resulted in nasty cuts on his face and a couple of cracked ribs earlier.

I have been supplied with an emergency lifting cushion which means I can get him up safely on my own. He's 6ft tall and I'm 5ft 1!

You get the patient to slide onto the cushion then inflate each level until it reaches dining table height.

Chris finds he can't turn and get onto his knees now, so this aid is invaluable.

Hope this info helps.

Keep on keeping on


Oh great. Thanks Anne. We are seeing the OT tomorrow. So , I shall mention the emergency lifting cushion. May she can get hold of one for us. .... cheers Val

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It's called an 'elk" The larger version, which I had, is called a Camel.

But keep getting up with a chair as long as you can. It's good exercise.

My husband fell until he was bedbound. Even when I was right next to him.

Jean xx

My late husband fell repeatedly during his last few years.It is a wonder he never broke a bone. He broke furniture,walls, commode.and even a window! It came to the point I had to be with him every waking minute. Most of the time just holding his hand as he walked was enough to keep him in balance. Blessings to you on this journey! Janet

Yep Charles was doing the same thing. So many small falls but he never broke anything thank God.


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