morning everyone

thought it was too good to be true life jogging on at a coping level! yesterday roger fell down the whole flight of stairs, he was bringing his shaver down so only one hand on one banister. worse fall yet i thought he was dead, blood pouring from his head and unconcious, ambulance were very quick my lovely neighbour came straight round organised the house so i could go in ambulance. amazing treatment in a/e, a first, following ct scan and skeletal xray verdict he was ok!!! huge deep lac on forehead which took an hour to stitch but then was able to take him home!!! the young doctor who looked after him from resus actually wheeled us to the exit shook rogers hand and said it had been a privilege to look after him!

lesson from this through floor lift to be fitted asap! i will keep you posted as it progresses! estimates and measuring has already been done but as self funding we have put it off for a while as i though he was ok for a bit longer!

much love

julie, currently anticipating a large glass of wine tonight!

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  • OMG how awful for you its amazing they get away with it really! We live in a ground floor flat so no stairs here xxx Enjoy the wine x

  • I'm so pleased he is OK and your time in A&Enwas as good as it could have been. We have parquet flooring so when Colin did it from the landing to the bottom, the blood from his head flowed freely across the floor. Nothing much shocks me after that.

    I think that's worth 2 glasses of wine.



  • How terrifying for you! Don't those head wounds bleed! Glad it turned out as well as it did. So you are getting an elevator? We were given a stair lift by the VA here which has been more wonderful than I could have hoped. We still do the stairs at his place in the mountains on the weekend, but it's a push me pull you ordeal. Good luck with your lift. And I hope Roger heals quickly! Love, ec

  • Glad to hear that Roger is OK! I know these things are expensive, but it's got to be cheaper than moving. Also, what IS the price for keeping him home with you, for that little bit longer. We thankfully, live in a bungalow, but I have had to change our bathroom to a wet room, make the hall a lot wider, build a ramp outside. Tomorrow, I am off to see a new car, that I will be able to push S straight into! My only advise would be, remember you have to live with the alterations. Try to not make it too hospital looking. It is worth spending a little bit more, to achieve this, if the bank balance allows!!!

    Lots of love


  • Julie glad Roger is ok and home, we also live in a bungalow, when we brought the house, it already had a wet room, and another separate bathroom, we have still had to do some work on the house, which was quite expensive, but does not look to clinical. Enjoy you glass of wine. Yvonne xxxxx

  • Whew! glad your hubby is ok! I have to ask, will Roger be able to use the lift independently? I must walk with B everywhere....Though there are only 3 stairs to the garage where he smokes, He is not able to manipulate them without me. I do hope the lift is something Roger is able to use.

    Good luck to you


  • hi

    yes either on his own or someone pressing the switch, i think we will go for a reconditioned one half the price.

    julie x

  • How terrifying for you both. Glad he is OK apart from a very sore head. X

  • This is what nightmares are made of. I'm glad it all turned out OK in the end but what a fright. Reassuring that the young doctor took or had the time to wheel Rog out and show he cared, what a difference that makes. I think I drive Ben mad keep reminding him to hold on with 2 hands, had extra rails fitted as ours is a bendy stairway. Hope that lift gets fitted very soon.

    Kate x

  • \i agree with what k above has said

    lol jill


    pSp person in uk

  • Good morning Julie, so glad that Roger will be alright, their falls can be so scary, last year my brother fell in the bathroom backwards hit his head on the tub had a huge gash on the back of his head had to call the EMTs many stitches and MRI found a bleed on the brain spent 5 days in the the trauma unit. Thankfully he did not have to end up with brain surgery my son recommended a helmet, I looked at the ones at the medical supply place but it did not cover his back head or ears so went to a sporting store told the guy about my brothers condition and got him a helmet he took off the face gear and now he wears that when transferring him anywhere no more head injuries. Hope all is well. Nettie

  • Good idea. B wears knee and elbow pads. Used to wear his motorcycle helmet but refused that last summer! Luckily B has not had such a fall....(well such an injury). So If your guy is ok with wearing a helmet, I encourage the pads. I think they get used to wearing them

    Stay safe


  • Had my sister en law get him some pads as when he falls so hard to get him up he now crawls to a chair to get him up this way he won't scratch his knee,'s up, has been having problems with being incontient such a nightmare, seems like everyday is something different, I used to caretake everyone has different problems, but never have I seen someone until my brother that has PSP what a terrible disease this is with so many symptoms wrapped into one.

  • My biggest fear! Glad he's ok. I'll join you with the wine.

    Hang in there.


  • Is he on warfarin !!!!

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