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Larry had a choking incident at dinner last night. It went from “normal” choking and gagging to distress. Funny how one gets to know the difference. Called the rescue squad for the first time ever. The operator stayed on the line with me until the truck was close. By the time they got into the house he had managed to get the green bean stuck out. Had to explain PSP to them. How he can’t cough. We were up at 3:30 today to get him breakfast as he didn’t eat much of dinner last night. He will go back to bed and sleep. I’ll be up for the day like it or not.

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Hi Jeff166

You must be all in and that must have been very frightening.

I hope you can grab some zzzs.

Time for soft food yet?

Soft food doesn't have to be a single mush.

Steak gravy potatoes and carrots:

Blitz the steak with some gravy, place on plate.

Blitz the potatoes with a little milk and butter - place on plate

Mash the carrots - on plate.


Best to you both


In the UK blitz is 'liquidize' in the States you might use a blender. A baby food blender is perfect.

Jeff166 in reply to Kevin_1

Larry had a toasted bagel this morning with no trouble. He eats things like cashews also with no problems. He has to pay attention to what he is doing. Last night was a first. It’s not time to purée it all just yet. I know that will happen in time.

I have a strange response to crisis. I get very clam and analytical. I start running things to be done through my mind.

Kevin_1 in reply to Jeff166

Big grins to you both!


That's a good way to be in a crisis.

Hope you got some sleep.

NannaB in reply to Jeff166

I read this after I’d replied to your post. It’s good he can still eat normally but I’d still make sure it was cut up very small and supervise at all times when he is eating especially nuts. My husband would cram food into his mouth. He was a bit like a toddler, pushing it all in and then silently heaving as he temporarily forgot how to swallow but couldn’t cough. One meal he’d be fine, the next in trouble. It’s not easy is it. Take care of yourself as well.


minced and chopped from now on ?

Its so frightening, I know. Try to get rest.


Oh no you must of been frightened, mashed good is the best from know on , hope you get some sleep xxxxx

Jeff166 in reply to doglington

I have started to do softer foods. Things that give him trouble get deleted. One of them was pasta. One would think it wouldn’t be a problem but it is. He has problems getting it to his mouth. He doesn’t stab it will his fork. He likes to scoop everything up. He get frustrated with it falling off.

Rest is the big problem for me unlike Larry who’s gone back to bed after breakfast and coffee to sleep as long as he wants I will be awake for that rest of the day. I have the worst time sleeping in the day. Always have.

Crochetedcat in reply to Jeff166

My husband loves pasta. It is one of the things he can eat easily, with a spoon. I found some called mini spaghetti, which is regular spaghetti but smaller pieces, like 1/2 to 3/4 inches in length.

It is so horrible watching them

Cough and choke. We find there is no pattern one day he coughs on everything and the next he will eat a biscuit or crisps and not a single cough!! We have generally gone into a soft diet and I have stopped buying 🥜!!

Hope you both get some rest

Love Tippy

Jeff166 in reply to Tippyleaf

His speech therapist told him to avoid nuts. He seems to have forgotten. Requested cashews. I thought he wouldn’t make it through a can. Has no problems with them. If I reminded him the therapist told him to avoid them he would probably developed a problem with them. He’s afraid of green beans now. The rest I will put into the processor to chop fine for dinner tonight.

Heady in reply to Jeff166

The only thing Steve could swallow at the end was rice pudding and crisps!!!

Lots of love


Jeff166 in reply to Heady

Crisps!! That figures.


Sure know what you mean,if I'm in another room and hear him choking I know which one to run for, yelling breath through your nose,which he rarely does.scary stuff.

Wish you sleep


I agree with Kevin. Go onto soft food before another choking incident. I know it’s very scary when they choke. My darling only had one very bad incident. I’d ordered him an omelette in a restaurant and he stole a chip from my grandsons plate. Heavy backslaps and finally Heimlich manoeuvre cleared it. My son said never again will he criticise when I gave his father liquidized or soft food given slowly. It was worth the time it took to prepare and feed as he never had aspirational pneumonia or other major choking episodes.

I hope you get a good night’s sleep tonight.


Frightening!! Hope you get some sleep tonight..😴💤

I agree that cutting food into smaller pieces is probably a good idea now. Choking on food is bad and 2 reasons are, not being able to breathe which requires immediate attention and the possibility of food getting into the lungs which could cause aspirated pneumonia later on.


Hope you get some rest of some type today! Hard to handle the day with so little sleep.

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