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PSP- is fever a symptom?


Sandy was cold last night so I put an extra blanket on him, on top of the three blankets he already had. I just got up and he feels like he has a fever. He is also confused. Says he thinks he's going to be gone soon because he's had a dramatic change.

Can the fever be a symptom of PSP? Perhaps not able to regulate body temperature? Now that we have hospice, I will call them this morning. Just thought I'd ask you people if you have any information.

Thank you. Today is Thanksgiving. I hope you all enjoy the day, as much as possible. Many blessings to all of you.

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Body temperature could be part of PDP as could an infection. Do get hospice to look in on him. Did hospice give you antibiotics in case he should developed an infection?

journeyofjoy in reply to Jeff166

I will call Hospice. They didn't give me any antibiotics. We've barely gotten started with them. Thanks Jeff.

Jeff166 in reply to journeyofjoy

Forty-five minutes after the second intake nurse for the second hospice group I had in left an oxygen tank and machine showed up at my front door.

Hospice is really on top of everything.

journeyofjoy in reply to Jeff166

Yes, they are on top of everything. I just talked to the hospice nurse. She said these symptoms are indications of end of life. That would be shocking. This has all come on suddenly. He has progressed so much in the last week.

A nurse is on the way and will be here soon.

Jeff166 in reply to journeyofjoy

Larry’s end was very fast. I sort of knew it was coming but decided not to really see it.


Wishing you and all the other escapees a great thanksgiving. :)

"Can the fever be a symptom of PSP? Perhaps not able to regulate body temperature? "


But, as you know it can also be an infection,as can feeling cold.

If it marked and sudden and it sounds as if it might be. I would certainly think about a urine infection test and check the chest.

Have you got a good thermometer? How he is experiencing temperature and his true temperature may well be different.

Good luck.



journeyofjoy in reply to Kevin_1

Thank you Kevin. Going looking for my thermometer now and I'm going to call Hospice.

Sorry to hear Sandy has a fever. Hope antibiotics are given and help him overcome it. Thinking of you both.

Love, Nanny857xx

Sounds like you have all the bases covered. Hopefully hospice will send someone out tonight, they should if you push hard enough. People under their care don't just need help 9-5 :)

Good Luck.


Did you get them to check urine he could have a UTI

My Mums fever was due to a urine infection that we had no idea that she had. Antibiotics soon sorted it. Hopefully it is something as easy to sort out, good luck x

Fever and confusion together can be symptoms of UTI. Hospice should be able to figure it out. My heart goes out to you. It's a tough time.


Thanks, everyone, for weighing in on the fever/disorientation situation with Sandy yesterday morning. I hope this reply reaches all of you who commented (don't know if I need to respond individually to all in order to respond).

The hospice nurse came right away yesterday. She determined that he didn't have a UTI, because they had just run a test a couple of days before and he didn't have other UTI symptoms. She said he could have a slight lung infection. His oxygen was not as high as it should be so they are sending oxygen over just in case he needs it at some point.

His situation was terrible yesterday morning - he slept until 1:30pm and then he woke up ready to get out of bed. Didn't actually get him out for a couple more hours and by then we had a houseful of company for Thanksgiving. He enjoyed the day, slept through the night, and this morning looks pretty darned good!

Not sure why a high fever would break and not come back if it's an infection. He's definitely had a significant decline in the last week.

Other than that, we had a lovely Thanksgiving with family and friends, including our four-week old granddaughter who brightens everyone's life. Had a plumber here until 11pm a couple of nights ago to unclog the kitchen sinks, and this morning the microwave appears to have died.

The sun is shining, however! It's a beautiful day.

Blessings on all of you.

Temperature changes may be linked to the body’s inflammation, I’m just guessing but with mentioning. Best wishes with everything!

Thank you. That post about the fever was on Thanksgiving Day. Unfortunately, that was the beginning of my husband's final decline. He died on December 16.

My deepest condolences for your loss.

Thank you. Making my way into this new journey - coming up on three months.

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