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Chicago Med episode

Watching, my favorite tv show, Chicago Med, when low and behold a patient comes into the E.R. with a chest infection from here PSP. It is a fictional show but I love how it features rare illnesses like PSP. A couple years ago, before my dad’s PSP diagnosis, I suspected his symptoms were possibly Lewis Body Disorder. A couple months later the show featured Lewis Body. If nothing else happy to see awareness for PSP.

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PSP needs more people to know about it xxxx

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Wow, that's brilliant. I hope they portrayed the symptoms properly. Although any awareness is better than none.

Lots of love


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They did not portray the symptoms well. However, this was the characters second appearance on the show. I honestly do not remember how she presented the first time. That was before I knew what PSP was. What struck me though, was the husband pleading with the doctor, "but her mind is there, you have to do something for her." This was in response to the patients decision for a DNR. They did portray that sad reality correctly.



tlovins, what was the date of that Chicago Med, and if possible, the episode title.



see Dadshelper's comment below.


Jan 16th, 2018 was air date, Over Troubled Water was episodes name I think.

I don't remember the 1st time the PSP patient was on but I'll see if I can find that info.


April 9th, 2017 season 2 episode 19 "CTRL Alt" was the 1st appearance of the PSP patient.

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