I'm wondering if PSP has an effect on sex life. My wife and I were happily having sex until about one or two years into PSP. Suddenly she said she no longer wanted to do it. I'm wondering if the PSP has affected the nerves in that area of her body or if it is just a mental thing. I know it isn't depression or due to her outlook since diagnosis because those things are fine and havent changed. Maybe some women in the group have some insight into this. Also curious is this happens to men who have PSP (diminished appitite for sex). thanks in advance for your input.


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  • hi jim and mary

    i have a relatively new partner (fo 5 years) and i think the sex is sitll good - he thinks i have los tinterest in it but really it si nto the case

    i liek to find him attracative when he has showered and is clean and i enjoy the intimacy wiht him

    i have never said to him hta ti do not want sed xwith him again and i am sorry that mary thinks this or has said to uyou tha tshe is no logne rinterested

    lol JILl


  • Hi Jimbo,

    I think psp may have an effect on the sex drive. My husband's sex drive went crazy for awhile at the same time as his personality appeared to change. The next thing that happened soon afterwards was falls, and as they say, the rest is history. Sadly, now he can do very little for himself and he is very apathetic about all aspects of life.

    A good question and an area that is rarely discussed.


  • Peter, Thanks, I'm sure it is a delicate subject but since we are dealing with a super troublesome disease like PSP can any subject be rare or out of question? I'm not trying to be provocative, just seeking answers.


  • I agree - it SHOULD be discussed. Sex is an important component of our lives and we shouldn't be hesitant to get it out there; geez, we discuss just about everything else; this is not time to get modest, but I understand the hesitance of bringing it up; thanks that you did.

  • hi jim #

    have psp and have found that the sex side of our marrige is still good though obviously we cant do the different positions that we used to !!!

  • Sasha, Thanks for being bold enough to respond. I somehow get the feeling that my wife's sensitivity in her sex areas may have diminished but can't prove it. What was once very enjoyable to her suddenly diminished and no depression involved.


  • I don't think it's a provactive question at all and I applaud you for bring it up.

    My last relationship ended in 2006 (sex life was quite healthy between us) but have been celibate since then. Mostly because of the numerous surgeries I have had since then, mostly orthopaedic. The chronic pain & isolation didn't leave me feeling like getting out there to meet people much less have sex; would have to be creative; worried I'd find a tolerant partner,etc.

    Plus the biggie was the severe depression that started in around then.

    In the present, now that I've gotten much stress off me, and my pre-existing orthepaedic problems as fixed as they're going to be, I'm finding myself interested...but how to find someone (don't do one night stands) seems overwhelming. Have taken the position, if it's meant to happen, it will, meaning the right person who is broad-minded & compassionate.

    I know for myself, depression knocked the desire right out of me and the med I was put on only made it worse. Is it possible she's depressed and/or it's medication related?

    Does she have a lot of chronic pain that may lead her to being more afraid of setting that off than happy for the benefits of intimacy?

    Looking at it from a female's perspective, she may think less of herself of a woman and has turned that part of herself off, or hidden it from you. Doesn't want you to see her that way if she can't perform as before, etc.

    Back to meds. I think it's fair to say we with PSP take a variety of different meds; may have started out slowly but increased with time. Many medications are known to lower the libido.

    Then there's plain exhaustion with the PSP-thing. I know I am almost all of the time; meds get some of the blame, PSP gets the rest.

    Hope this helps,

    Judy J

  • Judy, No signs of depression in her ever including since diagnosis. I'm watching for it but it hasn't come. Medications are same so no change there. I think it has something to do with sensitivity. Just before we stopped sex she would get close to climax but stop me from moving her to/thru one. I wouldn't want to embarass her by asking even though we discuss most things openly. PSP is enough for her to handle and it certainly keeps me going as well. :)


  • Hmmm. It seems she is the only one who may have insight as to what is happening. Since you as a couple have a history of talking about most things openly, hopefully she will volunteer this information on her own. I think you're right not to push her for an explanation right now. She's fortunate to have such a devoted partner in you.

    Judy Johnson

  • Judy, Thanks for the support.



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