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Itching/crawling sensation

My husband had been having a crawling/itching feeling on his all over his body. He says it feels like a million bugs are crawling all over him and itches like crazy. keeps him from sleeping at night and is also making him very agitated. He's not on any medication at the moment. Has anyone with PSP or CBD every experienced this?



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Larry scratches himself bloody. I think it is dry skin. I use petroleum jelly on the bloody parts and a moisturizer on his back and arms to keep the itching under some control.

Here is an older post from this site talking about this.


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I have thought it is either dry skin or the nerves being "agitated." I have used a topical rub with pure magnesium oil ( by Life-flo) which has helped.

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My guy had a similar but more localized complaint that turned into shingles. I wish I had paid more attention, as the anti viral meds if taken at the first signs would have shortened the outbreak considerably. As it happened, when the rash appeared I realized what it was and immediately called his doctor who rushed a scrip to the pharmacy. (We were traveling at the time.) It did help. This is probably not what your husband is suffering from, but I thought I should mention it just in case.


I hate bugs on my skin! Sounds like a horrid affliction.

Could be it does relate to PSP/CBD etc. I had a chat to a number of folk on this site, as my husband had very dry skin. At first we thought it was unrelated to brain disorder. Others also documented it tho.

We had a final diagnosis of ichthysiosis, scaly fish skin! However, also was being treated for psoriasis with Daivobet cream. That worked better than creams for ichthyosis, so go figure!

My love had very loose skin, rather like dandruff, but all over most of his body - and more like snowstorm proportions! He also had a lot of skin growths on his back which we wonder if they might be cancer but they fell off in due course with Daivobet application! It is messy and sticky, and he had to be covered to sleep but it seemed worth it.

He scratched a lot to begin with, but the itch gradually eased with creaming and skin removal.

He did not complain about the crawling itchy feeling your husband has, but it may be a dry skin as others have suggested.

Other solution we found helpful was Pinetarsol and related soaps and creams. It is basically made from pine tar, whatever that is, smells like pine forest. Have used it myself for itch, hives, chickenpox, etc and it does help. It was suggested my love bath in it - which showed mefor first time there was something seriously wrong with him, as he could not get out of the bath!! So next best thing is flannel wash.

Hope one of these suggestions help your husband. And yes, am sure it will be related to PSP. Drs may not have picked that possible relationship yet, but it makes sense to me. The brain controls all senses, and our skin is the largest sensory organ! And PSP makes control of most of them diminish with time.


Jen xxx


Over medicated would be my first thought or allergic reaction.

Hope it gets worked out


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Thank you all for your responses! Dry skin was one option, but seemed so much more than that. He's back on Gabapentin which seems to have calmed his crawling/itching skin considerably. I'm sure the rest is just the winter drying out his skin. Thank you all again, and look for the good in this coming year.




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